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It’s raining here on an off and I love it. We definitely need the rain because of the severe drought here in California, but sadly the showers don’t last very long. This seems to be ideal cozy weather, but I just want to get outside and jump in puddles. Remember how much fun that was when you were a kid? This morning I was rushing because I woke up late, and I had a doctor’s appointment at 9 am. My appointment went well, but as I had mentioned, I still have a long way to go but I am hopeful since I am moving in the right direction. So for today’s post, I have the China Glaze Twinkle Collection for Holiday 2014. Let me show you the 12 shades that make up the collection, and I’ll let you know what I think at the end.

China Glaze Tip Your Hat 1China Glaze Tip Your Hat 2China Glaze Tip Your Hat

China Glaze Out Like A Light 1China Glaze Out Like A Light 2China Glaze Out Like A Light

China Glaze No Peeking! 1China Glaze No Peeking! 2China Glaze No Peeking!

China Glaze Define Good... 1China Glaze Define Good... 2China Glaze Define Good…

China Glaze December to Remember 1China Glaze December to Remember 2China Glaze December to Remember

China Glaze I'd Melt For You 1China Glaze I'd Melt For You 2China Glaze I’d Melt For You

China Glaze De-light 1China Glaze De-light 2China Glaze De-light

China Glaze Dancing And Prancing 1China Glaze Dancing And Prancing 2China Glaze Dancing And Prancing

China Glaze Chillin' With My Snow-mies 1China Glaze Chillin' With My Snow-mies 2China Glaze Chillin’ With My Snow-mies

China Glaze Meet Me Under The Stars 1China Glaze Meet Me Under The Stars 2China Glaze Meet Me Under The Stars

China Glaze Feeling Twinkly 1China Glaze Feeling Twinkly 2China Glaze Feeling Twinkly

China Glaze Pine-ing for Glitter 1China Glaze Pine-ing for Glitter 2China Glaze Pine-ing for Glitter

This collection is the epitome of holiday in my eyes. All of these colors are perfect for the holiday season, but they aren’t terribly unique. I really like the glitters in this collection because they are just so sparkly. Shades like December to Remember are very interesting especially because it changes so much depending on the lighting and angle. These are all very pretty, but you probably already have something similar in your stash. I don’t really have anything negative to say about this collection overall, but it also didn’t wow me. What about you? What do you think about this collection? I’d love to hear what you think, so let me know in the comment below. Thanks so much for stopping by today, and I will talk to you soon!

9 thoughts on “China Glaze Twinkle Collection Holiday 2014

  1. Pretty collection, but as you say it doesn’t “wow” me. I have something pretty close to almost all of these, so think it will be a “pass” this year.

    1. It’s always a good feeling when you can say that you will pass–at least that’s what I imagine my wallet feels. I think we all reach a critical mass point where we have dupes for almost anything.

  2. You’re right, I probably have dupes for all of the above, except Pining For Glitter. I do love that black one Meet Me Under The Stars too and the dark blue one Feeling Twinkly took my breath away. Sooo, I might have to pick them up too. Dupes or not, I can never have too much black, blue, or green glittery polish!

    1. Spoken like a true polish addict! lol I think the three glitters that you mentioned are the best ones in this collection. The green isn’t as fine and is a little more chunky, but I just love that deep green color.

  3. I picked up “Define Good” and “De-Light” about a month ago. but your swatch of “Meet Me Under The Stars” looks so pretty I may just have to hunt for that one too. I am so happy you posted about this collection. There is something about your nail shape that is just so perfect. I think your nails really showcase the polishes so well.

  4. The three that definitely took my breath away were Meet Me Under The Stars, Pine-ing For Glitter, Feeling Twinkly, and No Peeking! How many coats did you use for Pine-ing For Glitter and Feeling Twinkly? I love opaque glitters, but I still haven’t quite gotten the hang of it!!

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