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Dollish Polish Wicked Wario

Dollish Polish Wicked Wario

Did I tell you that I now have the full Dollish Polish Super Mario Bros. Collection due to the generosity and awesomeness of Amy and Amanda? They are so thoughtful and knew how much I wanted to get my hands on this collection so they sent these to me slowly building up the collection for me. I love you girls so much for being so sweet–these polishes mean a lot to me! I’ve been on a very limited polish budget for a few months now mostly owing to the fact that my rent went up quite a bit, so I just hadn’t picked these up on my own. Polish v. housing…it shouldn’t be such a hard decision, right? Only polish hoarders understand the struggle. Today I’m going to show you Dollish Polish Wicked Wario, but first let me show you what I used as my base color.

KBShimmer Hugs & Wishes 1KBShimmer Hugs & Wishes 2KBShimmer Hugs & Wishes (press sample) is just gorgeous. There is nothing else I can say about this polish that you haven’t heard yet: beautiful creme and opaque with two easy coats.

Dollish Polish Wicked Wario 1Dollish Polish Wicked Wario 2Dollish Polish Wicked Wario is such a unique glitter topper. It has purple micro glitters with small green hexes as well as gold and white glitter. I have no idea how this glitter combination works, but it totally does. I don’t think it would be a full coverage glitter on its own, so you definitely need a solid color underneath.

What do you think of this combination? Are you a huge Super Mario Bros. fan like me? What collection have you been lusting over but haven’t bitten the bullet yet? Is there a discontinued collection that you missed out on that you’d like to get your hands on? Well, I hope your week is going well so far, and I will talk to you soon!