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Cuccio Colour Vivacious Verdigris

Cuccio Colour Vivacious Verdigris




You know those days when you just start off on the wrong foot and it sets you up for a Rube Goldberg day of disaster? Well, that was my life today. This morning I woke up all early because I wanted to get to work early, eat a little oatmeal and coffee and just relax before starting my day. I had all my stuff ready to go and I walked out of the door—without my keys. I spent a few minutes banging on the door and calling my brother—the world’s heaviest sleeper—so that he could open the door for me. How was I supposed to drive to work without my keys? Anyway, all was fine once I got my keys until I got on the freeway, that is. I work like 11 miles away from work yet it took me an hour to get to work so that made me late. I HATE BEING LATE!!!!!  Supposedly there was an accident on the 5 but when I got to the supposed accident area, everything had been cleared out of the way but people were still slowing down trying to see if they could spot the accident. WTF, people? I hope you fucking rubberneckers get hit by bird shit. Anyway, I’ll just put the shitty day behind me–I won’t even mention work–and show you the awesomeness of Cuccio Colour Vivacious Verdigris

Cuccio Colour Vivacious Verdigris 1Cuccio Colour Vivacious Verdigris 2This is another one of those amazing suede polishes from Cuccio Colour. I adore this green and was super excited to use it. As all suede/matte polishes, the formula dries super fast and can be overworked very easily. I applied two coats for my swatches above and that is all that was needed.

What do you think of this polish? I can’t wait to find the rest of this collection because they are awesome. How was your day today? I can’t wait for tomorrow just so that I can put today behind me. Sucky days are awful. Thank you for stopping by today, and I will talk to you soon.