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OPI Infinite Shine Swatches

OPI Infinite Shine Swatches




Since I should be getting samples of the OPI Infinite Shine Spring shades any year now, I figured I should show you some of the shades that came out during the initial release. I know I’m way behind on posting these, but long wearing polish is not my thing. As a sort-of nail blogger, I tend to change my polish so often that these types of polishes are wasted on me. However, I do tend to go through phases where I step away from too much swatching and just enjoy wearing a mani for a good week. Those are the times when these polishes come in handy because they really offer long lasting results with minimal wear. You can read my initial review of this 3 step system here if you are interested. Now, let the swatches begin!

12OPI Infinite Shine Steel Waters Run Deep

34OPI Infinite Shine Never Give Up!

1112OPI Infinite Shine Set In Stone

56OPI Infinite Shine Endurance Race To The Finish

78OPI Infinite Shine Unequivocally Crimson

910OPI Infinite Shine Grapely Admired

So what do you think of these shades? Are you lured in by the idea of long-wearing polish? Let me know below if you have tried out this system and what you think. Do you see any colors here that you might want to pick up? Well, I hope you have a great Thursday, and I will talk to you soon!