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Lush Lacquer First Impressions

Lush Lacquer First Impressions




Happy Monday! Not. I hope you had a nice weekend, though. I ended up doing pretty much nothing on Sunday except for some cleaning, laundry and just general laziness. It actually felt pretty good and now I’m just mentally preparing myself for another horrible work week. I switched my days off for the next few weeks so now I’ll be working M-F and will have the weekends off. I can’t even explain how great it feels to have two days off in a row. Unfortunately, that means that now I will have to work 5 days in a row. I also agreed to work some overtime which I normally wouldn’t, but since I missed 3 days of work the other week when I got the flu, I really should make up those hours somehow. How else am I going to be able to buy all the pretty polishes I want?!?!?! More on my impending polish moratorium at the end of this post. Anywho, today I have some Lush Lacquer babies to share with you, and I’m kind of excited about them because I had never tried the brand before. Let’s take a look at these three new pretties below…

Blurple 1

Blurple 2

Blurple 3

Lush Lacquer Blurple layered over Cacee BFF Nail Lacquer Kim


Freckles 1

Freckles 2

Freckles 3

Lush Lacquer Freckles layered over Cacee BFF Nail Lacquer Daisy


Splish Splash 1

Splish Splash 2

Splish Splash 3

Lush Lacquer Splish Splash layered over Morgan Taylor Lacquer Supreme In Green

These are pretty cool layering polishes, and I love how many interesting combinations I could possibly come up with. Would I buy these in full size? Probably not. I think the mini sizes suit me just fine. They were all very easy to apply and the formula was pretty smooth, but I did feel that it was incredibly hard to get the bigger pieces of glitter to come out of the bottle. In fact, I barely even got any of the big hexes on my nails at all! That made me kind of sad, but I really didn’t want to go all nuts trying to fish out the big glitter.

So my news today is that my car finally kicked the bucket. It was diagnosed as terminal about a year ago, and I was refusing to part with it. I was convinced that I would ride it until its death and that death came today. Being carless in Southern California is a pox. I don’t know how people do it, but I just can’t function without a car. I wouldn’t be so concerned if we had decent public transportation, but the bus is a joke in Orange County and I start work at 5am. I do not want to be walking to the bus stop at 4am. Does the bus even run at 4 am? So now I am in a financial shit-house of my own making. If I could stop buying polish, I’d probably have more than enough money for a good down payment by now. Let’s see if I can ride my melmers to work…can I pay the car dealership in Chanel, Tom Ford, Dior or YSL nail polish? A lot of the excuses I made for buying crazy amounts of polish (and a lot of expensive polish) revolved around the facts that:

1) I am single.

2) I have no kids.

3) I don’t buy a lot of clothes or shoes

4) I can do whatever I want since I only have to worry about myself

Well, Cynthia, the polish gravy train has come to an abrupt and semi-permanent stop. By the way, I initially typed “gravy boat” and then I made the horrid decision to google gravy boat. All I have to say is do not look it up on urban dictionary because you will probably throw up a little. Anyway, since I now have to buy a new car, I really won’t be able to spend money on nail polish which makes me sad but also forces me to take a look at my polish obsession.  I don’t know what to think about it because, while I love my nail polish, I also realize I’m spending way too much money on it when I could be saving for my future or for an emergency! This situation is going to force me to prioritize my spending. I will probably have to come up with a budget so I can know exactly where my money is going and where I can cut back. There may be times when I have to choose between food and polish. I’m not going to lie: polish may win from time to time–besides, I really do need to lose some weight.

I’ll let you guys know how things go with my car/transportation situation. I’m trying not to get all bummed out about it, and so far it’s going pretty well. I’m having an amusing time on twitter with the hashtag #thingstomakemyselffeelbetter. One thing I’m super happy about is that I am able to handle this calmly without spazing out to the max which wouldn’t have been possible even a year ago–this would have crushed me! Please send me good thoughts; they will be very much appreciated!


P.S. You looked up “gravy boat” didn’t you?

P.P.S. I’m probably going to start up another massive blog sale to raise some cash. Anyone want to by my Jessica polishes from the Bright Wings Collection? Look at my review here. Swatched once and $4.00 each. Just adding this here for the peeps who read my whole posts. LOL Send me an email if you want them.