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CrowsToes Milquetoast

CrowsToes Milquetoast




Today I have another beautiful indie to show you courtesy of Lesley. We were all laughing about how she chose this “birdy” brand even though she knows how much I hate birds. I’m glad that she introduced me to CrowsToes because this brand has some seriously gorgeous polishes. She also got me Tiki Torch which is one spicy tamale. It’s so beautiful and just glows from within. Since it’s getting late and I’m scheduling this post in advance (it’s almost midnight), I am playing “Me and My Broken Heart” and have decided to have this post finished by the time the song ends. HURRY UP, HURRY UP!!! Anyway, let me show you my swatches.

CrowsToes Milquetoast 1CrowsToes Milquetoast 2CrowsToes Milquetoast 3CrowsToes Milquetoast is a creamy jelly polish full of coppery glitter in various sizes. Normally, I cringe when I use some of these milky-based polishes because it takes 10,000 coats to get the desired look, but this one was surprisingly opaque. I applied 3 thin coats and that was enough to get good coverage. You have to be sure that each coat is dry before you apply the next if you want to avoid a messy situation.

So what do you think about this beauty? Do you have any recommendation for other CrowsToes beauties? You may notice that most of the indies I do have have been gifts from my awesome friends (since we usually do birthday polish exchanges and stuff), but I do want to feature more indies. If you have recommendations, please share them with me. Just take note that I will not deal with restock drama and all that. Haha…drama about nail polish. Oh, silly rabbit, trix are for kids. Anyway, I hope you have a good day–the weekend is almost here!!! Thanks for stopping by today, and I will talk to you soon.

Oh, hey. Here is Me and My Broken Heart. Enjoy. (Is this a rip off of Lonely No More by Rob Thomas?)