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LeChat Dare To Wear Sugar Me Up Collection

LeChat Dare To Wear Sugar Me Up Collection




I don’t know if it’s just my hot flashes or what, but it’s been really hot here lately. In fact, this morning I was sweating and it was only 5 am! On second thought, it probably is just hot flashes so ignore me.  This morning was pure torture waking up so I hope that I’ll be able to get to bed early tonight. You know what my favorite part of my morning ritual is? It’s when my alarm rings and I hit the snooze button for 5 more minutes of sleep. Those 5 minutes feel heavenly even though I know that I’ll have to be up soon. This made me think of a question that I asked my group of girlfriends yesterday: How are people happy? What does it feel like to be happy? I honestly don’t think that I am happy, and I am constantly envious of those who appear to be happy. I dwell on all the things that I don’t like about myself and my life instead of focusing on the good things. This made me think of how necessary it is to be unhappy in order to truly appreciate happiness.  Would we appreciate youth without old age? Life without death? Probably not. I just need to find some balance in my life. Sometimes I tend to complain a lot about work, family stuff or other inconsequential things because they do seem overwhelming to me, but in the grand scheme of things, they are definitely not bad. I think that I am a worrier by nature so things will always seem a million times worse than they really are. I don’t really know where I’m going with all of this, but I just felt that I needed a little dose of reflection.  Now that I got some of the heavy stuff out of the way, can we get back to polish? Ha! Today I have something light and delightful to show you: the LeChat Dare To Wear Sugar Me Up Collection. The formula on all of these is rather similar so I’ll show you my swatches, and then we can get into the details.

LeChat Dare To Wear Rock Candy 1LeChat Dare To Wear Rock Candy 2LeChat Dare To Wear Rock Candy

LeChat Dare To Wear Mint Jubilee 1LeChat Dare To Wear Mint Jubilee 2LeChat Dare To Wear Mint Jubilee LeChat Dare To Wear Cotton Candy 1LeChat Dare To Wear Cotton Candy 2LeChat Dare To Wear Cotton Candy

LeChat Dare To Wear Lollipop 1LeChat Dare To Wear Lollipop 2LeChat Dare To Wear Lollipop

LeChat Dare To Wear Lemon Drop 1LeChat Dare To Wear Lemon Drop 2LeChat Dare To Wear Lemon Drop

LeChat Dare To Wear Spearmint 1LeChat Dare To Wear Spearmint 2LeChat Dare To Wear Spearmint

Overall, I really like this collection. It’s sugary, sweet and fun which is just what I would expect from a Spring collection. I can’t say that the colors are all that unique, but these polishes have a nice formula that I enjoyed. A couple of these polishes (Spearmint and Rock Candy) have some shimmer in them, but the rest have a crelly type formula. Since I prefer using thin coats, I applied 3 thin coats for all of these but 2 thicker coats would have gotten the job done. I think that we have seen a lot of similar colors as of late, so I’ll be putting these up on my blog sale. If you’ve never tried LeChat’s Dear To Wear line, this would be a good opportunity to give them a try. I’ve been very happy and impressed with their polishes and was excited about the way they have revamped their line.  What do you think about these polishes? Do you have any suggestions on how to relax and live in the moment instead of worrying about anything and everything? I hope you’re having a nice Monday, and thank you so much for visiting today.