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Cuccio Colour First Impressions

Cuccio Colour First Impressions




You know those people who think that once they are in their cars, they are invisible? Yes, I’m sure you know who I’m talking about: those people who pick their noses so deep you fear they will be touching grey matter pretty soon. Well, I’m kind of like that except that I sing in my car like a moron with crazy faces and hand gestures and all. On more than one occasion I have been caught by people singing along to ridiculous songs and today was no different. I caught a little bit of traffic on the way home from work (the dreaded Orange Crush area for those of you who live in OC) and I just started singing along to a very embarrassing song. It was a total Michael Bolton moment. No, not that Michael Bolton, this one:

The guys in the car next to mine laughed and clapped for me. Of course I was mortified until I realized I don’t give a rat’s ass what strangers think so I did a little bowing gesture with my hand which cracked them up. I think I missed my calling and should have been a comedienne or something. Are you someone who is easily embarrassed? I always think of the Friends episode when Rachel is embarrassed by Phoebe’s running:

So yeah, I am not easily embarrassed in public and apparently I think my car has an invisibility cloak once I’m inside. Surprisingly (or not), I will not give up on my one driving enjoyment which is to sing at the top of my lungs. Oh, this was supposed to be a post about polish, eh? So, today I am sharing with you my very first experience with Cuccio Colour which is a brand I have seen at many beauty supply stores but I never really tried. I finally purchased two bottles a few weeks ago to try out so let me show you the pretty colors I picked out.

Cuccio Fountains of Versailles 1Cuccio Fountains of Versailles 2Cuccio Fountains of Versailles is so gorgeous and the formula was flawless. I kind of hate the name of it only because it reminds me of the time I went on a date with a guy to see Versailles. When we were leaving, there was a freak storm and we ran to his car…and I fell really hard in the stupid gravel. I wasn’t hurt, but my pride was.

Cuccio Soaked In Seattle 1Cuccio Soaked In Seattle 2Cuccio Soaked In Seattle is a grey lover’s dream. Unfortunately the name reminded me of 50 Shades of Grey (yes, I read it) so now I keep thinking of the lame books. I’m still going to watch the movies, though…just cause…you know. Anyway, I love the delicate shimmer in this polish and it was so creamy and buttery.

Overall, I think the quality of these polishes is really great. I am definitely going to purchase more and keep a close eye on their collection releases. Have you tried Cuccio Colours before? Do you also do ridiculous things in your car? Let me know what you think of these colors. Thanks so much for the visit today, and I hope to start posting a little more regularly this week. Talk to you soon!