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Nubar Alter Ego Collection – Winter 2013

Nubar Alter Ego Collection – Winter 2013




Are you guys ready for Halloween? I’m not planning to do anything so I’m not going to dress up nor am I going to give out candy. I’m probably just going to watch a whole bunch of scary movies at home. We are having a Halloween potluck at work so I’m making my much requested red velvet cupcakes. People at work are always talking about them so I’m happy to oblige since I love baking. I’ve had such a busy day today because I’ve been doing laundry and just general cleaning along with other errands. It makes me kinda mad because I can never seem to just enjoy a day off. Anyway, I also ended up finishing up my swatches of the Nubar Alter Ego Collection which is what I have for you today. This collection is made up of 8 glitter top coats in lightly tinted bases. I layered 2 coats of each glitter top coat over a corresponding solid color, and I got a pretty effect. The formula on all of the polishes is exactly the same: a little goopy but I think it helps you control the glitter application. Let’s take a look at the Nubar Alter Ego Collection, shall we?

Nubar Kristal 1Nubar Kristal 2Nubar Kristal (over Color Club Silver Lake)

Nubar Trixie 1Nubar Trixie 2Nubar Trixie (over Color Club Age Of Aquarius)

Nubar Blondie 1Nubar Blondie 2Nubar Blondie (over Color Club Neon Orange Sunset)

Nubar Vixen 1Nubar Vixen 2Nubar Vixen (over Color Club Endless)

Nubar Elektra 1Nubar Elektra 2Nubar Elektra (over Color Club Neon Sunrise)

Nubar Gipsy 1Nubar Gipsy 2Nubar Gipsy (over Color Club Abyss)

Nubar Satine 1Nubar Satine 2Nubar Satine (over Color Club Red Rocks)

Nubar Roxy 1Nubar Roxy 2Nubar Roxy (over Color Club Factory Girl)

Overall, I think that these top coats are pretty but for a lacquerhead like me, they are so boring. I mean, these are not anything that we haven’t seen before so I’m not excited about them at all. I feel that Nubar has been striking out lately and to be honest, so have a lot of other brands. I wasn’t that impressed with Nubar’s Summer and Fall collections either so I hope they get over this slump. The last Nubar collection that I loved was My Sweet Escape for Spring which I reviewed here. Nubar can be a little hard to come buy since I’ve only seen it at independent  beauty supply stores, but you can purchase them online where they retail for $8. If you’re interested in any of these, they are going on my blog sale so make sure that you check them out there along with a lot of other goodies. Let me know what you think of this collection–I’d love to hear from you. Are you a Nubar fan? Thanks so much for the visit, and I’ll talk to you soon.

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