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Leesha’s Lacquer Re-pin Rewind

Leesha’s Lacquer Re-pin Rewind




Hey you! How’s your Monday going so far? I had a busy weekend so I kind of feel like I didn’t get to relax too much. Unfortunately, swatching fell by the wayside so now I’m super behind on everything. I hope to get a lot done little by little this week, but it’s so hard to do nail stuff when I get home from work because I feel mentally exhausted. I’m having a hard time finding the motivation to start going to the gym after work as well so I feel stuck at the moment. You know what helps when I feel stuck? Pretty, shiny polish. Yep, glitter is the magical panacea to my ennui.

Leesha's Lacquer Re-pin Rewind 1This is Leesha’s Lacquer Re-pin Rewind from The Pinterest Collection. This is an explosion of pink and purple glitter in a clear base.

Leesha's Lacquer Re-pin Rewind 2Leesha's Lacquer Re-pin Rewind 3Leesha's Lacquer Re-pin Rewind 4If you want to use Re-pin Rewind as a glitter topper, you will only need one coat because you get a lot of glitter on the brush. However, if you want to use it on its own, you will need 2-3 coats depending on your application technique. I dabbed the glitter on for my second coat so I was able to get away with 2 coats. You are going to to want to use a good top coat to smooth out the finish–I’ve used Seche Vite for my swatches. For my first experience with Leesha’s Lacquer, I think this is a lovely glitter that is sure to satisfy your need for shiny, sparkly nails. Removal can be a beast as with any glitters of this type so I recommend using a peelable glue base if you have it or just be ready to use acetone and a bit of elbow grease.

If you’re interested in purchasing this baby, you can find it here for $3.50/mini or $7.00/full size–pretty good prices if you ask me. Makes sure to follow Leesha’s Lacquer on her social media sites for news on new collections, sales and giveaways (she has one now on Facebook!) :

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So what do you think? I think this hit the spot for me this weekend. I’ll have another polish from this maker later in the week so don’t forget to check back with me. Thanks for stopping by today, and have a nice Monday.