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Ninja Polish: Nail-Venturous Humblebee

Today I have another installment of the reformed glitter hater chronicles. I’ve been on a serious glitter high for the last month or so despite all of my previous statements about hating glitter. I still have issues with it when it comes to removal, but otherwise I am mesmerized by the world of indie glitters. There are so many amazing glitters out there and I recently I did something I said I didn’t have the patience to do: buy some polishes on Etsy. Now, that statement came from all the complaints I would hear about having to stalk certain shops, but I had no problems whatsoever getting the glitters I wanted. That is probably going to change in the new future once people get a load of the polishes I have coming. I’ll have those later in the week so I’ll be able to post them soon.

I decided to use the second polish I recently purchased from Ninja Polish: Humblebee. It is such an amazing matte glitter in the same vein of Floam. I layered it over Wet N Wild Pin ‘Em Slater from their HTF collection, Saved By The Nail. I didn’t really need a base color because you can build up Humblebee to opacity, but you have to be sure to allow each coat to dry or else you risk dragging.




This is 3 coats of Pin ‘Em Slater. If you don’t want VNL, you must wear some white undies.


And here is the majestic Humblebee. Ahhh….so pretty!

Sorry for more food porn…don’t mean to make you hungry. I was so in the mood for these carne asada tacos so they hit the spot.

Today was not as hot but it was still pretty gross. I can’t wait for this weather to just calm the F down. How has your week been? Ready for hump day tomorrow?

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Thanks so much for stopping by and indulging my glittery beating heart.

Wet N Wild Saved By The Bell Collection

I went shopping at Ulta today because my mom wanted to buy some make-up so of course I had to get another Layla holo. I know…I know. Afterwards, we went to CVS to purchase some vitamins and other health stuff and I saw a Wet N Wild stand with a bunch of neon polishes. Upon closer inspection, I saw that it was a Wet N Wild Saved By The Bell collection. OMG!!! I nearly shit myself. Saved By The Bell?!

(For whatever reason, it was really hard to find a clip of the intro to the show. Totally weird…that’s why I went with this crappy one. Sorry.)

I used to watch Saved By The Bell religiously when I was a kid. It was one of my favorite shows along with Small Wonder, California Dreams, I Love Lucy and Gilligan’s Island. Fuck, I feel old. If you’re in your late 20’s-early 30’s, you probably watched some or all of these shows. It’s ok to cringe when you think  about  the Screech sex tape or Jesse in Showgirls. Anyway, on to the polish!

Pom Pom Kelly

Nerd Alert: Screech

Straight A Jesse

Pin ‘Em Slater

Fashionista Lisa

Chick Magnet Zack

I really liked this collection despite the fact that I think I’m on neon polish overload. My favorite color is Nerd Alert: Screech. I love that it’s such a fun, shimmery, neon lime green. I’ve never really been too impressed with the brushes on Wet N Wild Wild Shine polishes because they seem to work against me when I try to apply smooth coats. I did not apply any top coat to my swatches because I wanted to show you the satiny finish. Overall, I am beyond happy with this collection. Come on…for $.99 a bottle, can you really complain?  Let me know if you spot these. I don’t know if they are exclusive to CVS and I haven’t been able to find any information about this collection online. I find it very strange.

Ah, memories! Would anyone be interested in a Fresh Prince of Bel Air nail polish collection? No? Just me, huh?