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China Glaze City Flourish Collection Spring 2014 – Peonies & Park Ave

China Glaze City Flourish Collection Spring 2014 – Peonies & Park Ave




It’s that time of the year again! Spring collections are plentiful and I am always ALWAYS excited to see what China Glaze has to offer. When I saw the display for these polishes, I nearly expired because I wasn’t expecting them to be available just yet, especially because I still haven’t been able to find the Sea Goddess Collection…but that’s whole other story! As usual, this collection is a 12 piece collection made up of two sets so I will be swatching each set in a separate post. Since the formula and my application was exactly the same for every polish, I will show you the colors first and then I will share my thoughts. Let’s take a look at the China Glaze City Flourish Collection, shall we?

China Glaze At Vase Value 1aChina Glaze At Vase Value 2aChina Glaze At Vase Value

China Glaze In A Lily Bit 1aChina Glaze In A Lily Bit 2aChina Glaze In A Lily Bit

China Glaze Lotus Begin 1aChina Glaze Lotus Begin 2aChina Glaze Lotus Begin

China Glaze Peonies & Park Ave 1aChina Glaze Peonies & Park Ave 2aChina Glaze Peonies & Park Ave

China Glaze Petal To The Metal 1aChina Glaze Petal To The Metal 2aChina Glaze Petal To The Metal

China Glaze Spring In My Step 1aChina Glaze Spring In My Step 2aChina Glaze Spring In My Step

Ahhh….where to start with this collection? The colors are absolutely gorgeous and very Spring appropriate, but the formula. There are no words. These are definite application beasts. Like full on Satan urine in a bottle. Do you remember how horrible the formula of the neon collection from last year was? (You can read my review here.) Well, this is like round 2 of that collection. I had hoped that these polishes were straight cremes, but they are more like satin/mattes because the don’t dry shiny and tend to dry really quickly. Because of how quickly they dry, if you overwork them, they will get goopy and stringy. All of these polishes were streaky nightmares so I decided to take the same approach with all of them: 2 thin coats and a third thicker coat to smooth them out. Despite my best efforts, they were still uneven and gross-looking so I applied a thick coat of Seche Vite to try to smooth everything out. While they did even out, do you really want to baby a polish this much? As I recall, some people seemed to not have that many issues with last year’s polishes (uhm, yeah…), so maybe once again it’s just me who can’t get these to work. You may say that my swatches don’t necessarily speak to the problems I had with the formula, but trust me…they are pretty freaking difficult. I just wish they weren’t so damn pretty! Damn you, China Glaze!

wish_i_could_quit_youI am still waiting for that next China Glaze collection that will blow my socks off like the On Safari Collection. Sadly, I think I will have to keep waiting. If you’re not phased by my review, you can purchase these polishes on my blog sale so check them out. Tomorrow I hope to have the other half of this collection done, and I am really hoping against hope that they are better but I won’t hold my breath. Don’t forget to let me know what you think of these polishes. Will you be picking these up? Thanks so much for stopping by today!