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KBShimmer Nauti By Nature Collection Spring 2017

KBShimmer Nauti By Nature Collection Spring 2017



It really feels like Spring is in full swing. After a strange Winter here in California, it’s nice to have some glorious sunny days. We’ve still been getting the occasional shower and cool days, but I can definitely feel the weather heating up. Today I’m going to be showing you my swatches of the KBShimmer Nauti By Nature Collection for Spring 2017. There is a great variety of colors and finishes in this collection which guarantees that you will find something that you like. First up, I’m going to be showing you the holos–because who doesn’t love holos?!

KBShimmer Tropic Like It’s Hot

KBShimmer Latitude Adjustment

KBShimmer The Girl Is Tiki

KBShimmer Macaw Me Maybe

KBShimmer Copa-Banana

KBShimmer Keep Palm and Carry On

KBShimmer Saved By The Shell 

KBShimmer Got It Sandaled

KBShimmer Tempting Fete

KBShimmer Starfishing For Compliments

KBShimmer Salt Water Sassy

KBShimmer Show Me The Mahi

The six holos in this collection are pretty great–the formula is opaque and smooth with all of them needed just two coats. I always love holographic polishes so I was very happy with the nice variety. I am surprised to say that my favorite holo was Copa-Banana; I don’t think I have a holo quite this shade and I like how it looks on my skin tone. From the rest of the collection, the main standout for me was Show Me the Mahi. I love jelly polishes with various sized glitters. Crellies are something that KBShimmer has always excelled at, and the two in this collection are no exception.

The KBShimer Nauti By Nature collection is available now at kbshimmer.com so make sure to pick up you favorites. What are some of your favorite shades from this collection?  Thanks so much for stopping by today, and I will talk to you soon!