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NARS Lipstick Review

NARS was the first higher-end make-up brand that I fell in love with. Once I tried their Orgasm blush, I was hooked. Their lipsticks do not disappoint. They have a wide range of colors and come in three finishes: sheer, satin and semi-matte. I personally don’t notice much of a taste or scent to these lipsticks but I have heard some people say that they have a waxy scent and taste. The only finish that has a decent wear time is semi-matte. The sheer and satin finishes wear off almost immediately.

Many will find the NARS packaging very classy and expensive looking. Indeed it is both those things but it also collects dust, make-up or anything else like crazy so it is very hard to keep them looking clean. I love the rubberized finish of their packaging but after a while, as all longtime NARS owners will attest to, the packaging seems to start breaking down. The finish starts to peel off at the edges and then it just looks gross. I am NOT happy with that considering their prices.

Belle de Jour

Dolce Vita

Fast Ride

Fire Down Below

Funny Face

Hot Voodoo

Little Darling

Petit Monstre




I don’t like all of these colors. Some of them look kinda hideous on me. Yes, I’m looking at you Belle de Jour. No matter how much I wear this one, I am never going to be Catherine Deneuve. That is a good example of a lipstick that I would mix with another lipstick, lip gloss or lip pencil. Funny Face is my favorite bold color of the bunch. Unfortunately, I recently read that Funny Face landed on a list of lipsticks with high levels of lead! Dolce Vita was the first NARS lipstick I ever bought and I still say it is the most versatile lipstick that I own. It’s just gorgeous and looks so natural on anyone. There is also a Dolce Vita lip gloss and blush…but more on those another time. These lipsticks retails for $24 each and can be purchased at many places so you won’t have any problem finding them if you’re interested. I purchase mine at Sephora and Narscosmetics.com

So which color do you like best? Do you own any NARS lipsticks?