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Jindie Nails Moon Walk & A Giveaway!

Jindie Nails Moon Walk & A Giveaway!




I’m feeling completely down and dejected lately because of my car issues. I went to a dealership yesterday and to say that the experience was horrid is an understatement. They tried to get me into a used car for $3,000 down and $400 a month for 72 months–that means that I would be paying close to $30,000 for a car that is worth $10,00 if that. Sweet Satan’s butthole! Is that ridiculous or what? I mean, I know my credit is NOT good, but do I need to be impaled up the butt with a financial cactus at every turn? So, I walked away from that feeling like the worst loser on the planet, and I’m still carless. I know that in the grand scheme of things, these are very minor problems, but they feel so overwhelming right now. While I figure things out, I will probably be posting less because I don’t want every single post to be a diatribe of self-pity. You guys have been so awesome and encouraging, so I really appreciate it.

So, despite my craptacular issues, I still want to share pretty polishes with you. Today I have another Jindie Nails limited edition polish for Summer 2013. Since I’m currently obsessed with pink, especially hot pink, Jindie Nails Moon Walk is right up my alley.

Moonwalk 1

Moonwalk 2

Moonwalk 3

Jindie Nails Moon walk is a limited edition polish for Summer 2013 so make sure that you pick this one up if you love the hot pink jelly base with an awesome combination of black and silver chunky glitter (dots, and half moons!) The formula is shimmery–almost like a glass fleck type finish. This polish is a little sheer so 2 coats are necessary to get good coverage. I did have some trouble getting the bigger pieces of glitter out of the bottle so the next time that I wear this, I’ll probably fish out the glitter and place it where I want it.

So what do you think of this polish? Will you be picking it up? To keep up with Jindie Nails news, make sure that you follow Jen at the following:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JindieNails

Twitter: https://twitter.com/JindieNails

Website: http://jindienails.com/

And here is how a little error in my order ends up benefiting you! One of the polishes I had ordered was left off my shipment and when I contacted Jen about it, she not only fixed it but graciously included an extra polish for a giveaway. This is the first of two polishes that I will be giving away so stay tuned! As an aside, I want to tell you guys that Jen has amazing customer service and will always stand by her products which is rare nowadays. Please use the rafflecopter widget below to enter for a chance to win a FULL SIZED bottle of Jindie Nails Moon Walk. This giveaway is open worldwide, but PLEASE don’t enter if you know that your country has a lot of restrictions regarding shipping/receiving nail polish. Nothing will make me sadder than to mail a polish and hear that it got confiscated at customs.
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Thanks so much for stopping by today, and good luck!