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Stamping Saturdays #44

Stamping Saturdays #44

I’m a little disappointed that I technically missed posting last week’s Stamping Saturdays mani on my blog. I was totally planning on doing it, but my friend came over and I made him wait like an hour while I did my mani. Then he was starving so I just forgot about writing up my post and we went out to eat. As I write this, it is around 2:30 am and I’m watching a JFK documentary on Neflix. Why? I have no idea. I love documentaries and apparently I can’t sleep tonight. Earlier in the evening I was out with two of my best girlfriends and I was almost falling asleep because I was so tired and now all of a sudden I can’t even sleep. It’s like when you were a kid and you’d be falling asleep in the living room and your parents would force you to go to bed. Then as soon as you got into bed, your eyes were wide open. My mom always makes fun of me because she says that my thing when I was a kid was that I would tell her: “Mom, I need to rest my eyes a little bit. I’ll be right back so we can watch TV.” And that little rest would last until the next day. I clearly remember thinking in my head that I would rest while the commercials were on and be back for the show or movie. I was probably 4 when I used to do this and my mom still jokes about it. Ahhh…kids! I don’t now why I went off on this tangent–maybe I really am tired and I’m delirious now. Hey, that could make for a super fun post…maybe. So, for today’s Stamping Saturdays I started out with a gorgeous base. Let me show you!

Kiko Mint Milk 1Kiko Mint Milk 2Kiko 389 Mint Milk is beeeeeuuuutiful. I recently heard that there are a few Kiko stores back east so that was exciting because hopefully we will get some here in California. LA, please. OC would be better. Just saying. Maybe it’s a good thing that I don’t have easy access to this brand because I can already predict some major craziness.

Born Pretty BP-13 1Born Pretty BP-13 2For my stamping design, I used one of my new Born Pretty plates BP-13. It’s a cute design and I think it goes great in black over this gorgeous minty blue. I am super impressed with the quality of these plates! I haven’t reviewed the full set I got yet, but that will be coming up soon.

So what do you think of this mani? I am really pleased with it! If you decided to join us for Stamping Saturdays, don’t forget to link up your blog post below or tag your posts with #stampingsaturdays so I can find you! Thanks so much for stopping by today, and I will talk to you soon.

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Kiko 389 Mint Milk

Kiko 389 Mint Milk




I’m not going to go on another long rant about the weather today (even though I want to), so I will just mention that there was an earthquake the other night. I didn’t feel it since it was pretty minor, but this hellish heat and now the earthquake makes me feel like something bad is coming; maybe it’s a second collection of Crinkled Chromes. Ehhh… To make up for the crappy weather, I decided to wear a lovely, bright and creamy polish: Kiko 389 Mint Milk. I defy you not to love this!

Kiko 389 Mint Milk 1aKiko 389 Mint Milk 2My camera always tends to photograph things a little more blue than they really are. This color leans more minty green but my camera was just going nuts and would not capture it accurately. I was anticipating a difficult application, but the formula is so creamy and delicious that it only took two coat for full opacity. This polish makes me angry…angry because we don’t get Kiko in the States. Sadness. A big thank you to the lovely Sabrina for sending me this lovely gift–I love it!

Well, that’s all I have for you today. I am anticipating the weekend with so much glee. Through some fluke where all the planets aligned, I have this weekend off. Yes, two whole days off in a row…on a weekend. The idea that I am so excited about something that most people at most jobs get makes me kind of sad. Anyway, I hope you’re doing well and thanks so much for stopping by today.