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Birthday Polish: BB Couture

Today I have a super fun post for you! Well, I call it super fun because it was really fun for me to write and even more fun for me to receive these lovely polishes. My birthday was back in September so I’m a little behind on doing this post that I had planned as soon as I received these. Some lovely ladies and I started a little birthday polish exchange group a few months ago. The first polishes I received were these two gorgeous BB Couture babies from Lesley:

BB Couture Junk In The Trunk Swatch          BB Couture Junk In The Trunk Swatch

Junk In The Trunk is a polish after my heart. It’s blue, it’s shimmery and it’s super opaque–what’s not to love? Since this was my first experience with BB Couture, I was so pleased with how easy the formula is to work with. I did not have to do any clean up with this mani–zero. The formula is medium thick and extremely opaque so I only needed two thin coats.

BB Couture Michael Swatch          BB Couture Michael Swatch

Michael is another amazing color. It’s a dark greyed purple with some muy caliente shimmer. I love how subtle the shimmer is in this polish. This polish comes from their men’s line which I didn’t even know existed. Upon doing a little research, this polish comes from their Infamous Lovers collection which pairs a female polish with its “infamous” male lover. The couples represented are: Adam/Eve, Anthony/Cleopatra, Clyde/Bonnie, John/Pocahontas, Romeo/Juliet and….Michael/Carla? I wracked my brain to think of famous Michael/Carla couples but could not think of any.  It turns out that this duo is named after some friends of the owner–how cool is that? This polish was also perfection to apply and only 2 coats were needed.

Since we are such The Office nerds, both Lesley and I immediately thought of Michael Scott. I took it one step further and I swear I kept singing the Michael Scarn song and even tried to do the dance.

So thank you Lesley! These polishes are so freaking cool.

What do you think? Have you tried BB Couture yet?