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Mavala Rose Dust

Today is the big day–interview time! I am sure going to feel dumb for making a big deal out of this if I completely bomb out, but I think it’s important to be excited, positive and hopeful for my first legit interview in a long time. I know times are tough right now and there are millions of people looking for work, so I feel fortunate to even get an interview right now. Sometimes it doesn’t matter how qualified you are–there just aren’t that many jobs out there. I know I’ve been stressing about finding work lately, but I just know that the right job will come along–it has to! Since I like to be super prepared, I already have my outfit laid out, copies of my resume, application completed and the last thing I had to decide on are my nails. I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t made a big deal out of my nail polish choice for this occasion. My dear friend Julie, from Un Brin de Julie, completely spoils me by sending me goodies from France that aren’t easily found here in the states. She is such a sweetheart, and I am so fortunate to have met her. This Christmas, she surprised me with a bunch of Mavala and Bourjois polishes that were perfect! I decided to wear Mavala Rose Dust for my interview today since it is a beautiful rose tinged nude with a delicate pearlescent finish.

Mavala Rose Dust Swatch

First of all, I want to say that I did a craptacular job with this polish job. In my defense, it was late at night and I didn’t realize how bad my clean up was until I loaded the pictures. I am pretty good about being neat and not getting polish on my cuticles, but apparently doing your nails in low light is not a good idea. lol  I hate uploading pics of sloppy manicures so I’m sorry!! Now, onto the polish:  as  far as I know, Mavala is a Swiss brand that is sold in certain countries in Europe. I have never seen this brand in a retail setting here in California so I’m guessing it’s not sold here. Mavala Rose Dust is such a pretty and delicate color that gives just the right amount of color to seem conservative yet not boring.  I am always very careful with my make-up and clothing choices when it comes to job interviews because this is not the time to be edgy and experiment (unless you’re applying for a job that calls for that, of course). I have plenty of stories of interviewing people who came in wearing flip flops (I know we’re in California, but come on!) or wore outrageous false eyelashes that were so distracting that I couldn’t concentrate.  It really makes you wonder what goes through people’s heads sometimes…

I think I’ve mentioned most of my memorable experiences with interviewing clueless people, but I don’t know if I have shared all my weird experiences as the interviewee. One of the grosser stories involved an agency that will remain nameless who sent me on an assignment  to what appeared to be a deserted complex. No one was there when I showed up on time. Eventually people started trickling in and the owner showed up. He put me to work on organizing a mess of a database and I ended up stumbling onto hardcore pornography in the files and folders I was trying to arrange. Yeah, I didn’t stay there past lunch and I freaked out the agency by telling them that they had sent me to a job that had caused emotional distress. hahaha! The worst part of it all was that the keyboard I was using was mysteriously sticky and gross…

I’d better stop talking about BAD experiences so I can go into this interview full of positivity. Wow…me…positive. That’s new! Thank you for keeping me in your thoughts and for all the well-wishes. You’ll be the first to know about how it goes. 😉