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Cirque Colors Metropolis Collection March 2015

Cirque Colors Metropolis Collection March 2015




Ahhhh….Wednesday! We are halfway through the week and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Do you live for weekends like me? Today I was listening to The Woody Show on Alt 98.7 (remember back in the day when it was the Jamie, Frosty and Frank show?!) and they were talking about how Tuesday is the most depressing day of the week, and I so agree with them. Monday is so close to the weekend that you still get some of that residual happiness from whatever you did Saturday/Sunday but then Tuesday punches you in face almost making fun of you now that you have a long week ahead. In any case, I just wish I could sleep in until 10 every day cause that would make me so happy. You know what else makes me happy? Gorgeous creme polishes. Yep, you know it’s true and today I have two beauties from the Cirque Colors Metropolis Collection for March. Let me show you what I’m talking about.

Cirque Colors Hudson 1Cirque Colors Hudson 2Cirque Colors Hudson

I don’t know why, but this shade made me think of beautiful pair of denim jeans. You already know the drill: beautiful.perfect.buttery.opaque. DONE.

 Cirque Colors Lady Liberty 1Cirque Colors Lady Liberty 2Cirque Colors Lady Liberty

One thing about my camera is that it is a big turd when it comes to capturing certain colors like teal/turquoise so my pictures are not super color accurate for this polish. It is definitely more green in real life, so I’m sorry if you feel tricked. Someone actually wrote me a pissed off email saying I tricked them into buying a polish because the color looked so different in my swatches. Uhm, yeah…Anyway, you know what? This polish is gorgeous too and you won’t have any complaints even if it leans more green than in my pictures.

There is never much to say about the quality of Cirque Colors because they are always spot on. I absolutely adore these two additions to the Metropolis Collection so don’t forget to pick them up if you love them too! They will be available March 1st so mark your calendars. What do you think of these lovely shades? Thanks for the visit and talk to you soon.

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