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Charme Lacquers Los Angeles Collection

Charme Lacquers Los Angeles Collection




Hello to all of you out there in polishland. I bring you tidy greeting from a gloomy Sunday in So Cal…and I have no idea why I started my post out like this since I sound a little psychotic. Oh well. I don’t normally work on Sundays so I was really bummed that I had to come in at 6 am. Isn’t Sunday supposed to be the day of rest? Apparently not where I work. Ha! Since I only had Saturday off this past week, I was feeling really bummed because I basically spent my whole Saturday either cleaning or swatching. I think I ended up swatching around 12 polishes and then I had to take a break because my skin was spazing out. It seriously started peeling and getting crazy dry even though I was applying cuticle oil and hand crème after every single polish application and removal.

While I was typing up this post, I had to deal with two horrible customers. Without getting into too many details about my job and what I do, these people were being completely unreasonable even though the issue they were having was completely of their doing. There is a reason why products have labels. READ THE LABEL, PEOPLE. I can admit that I am one of those dumbasses who does not read labels, but I would never think of calling the company that made the product to blame them for product issues. If I don’t read the label and I fuck up my project, who do I have to blame? Apparently, we live in a culture where we always have to find someone to blame and not take responsibility for our own actions. BLARGHHHH! I hate people sometimes.

Anyway, let’s move away from stupid people and back to pretty polish. YAAAAAAAAAY! Today I have 2 polishes from the inaugural collection from Charme Lacquers called Los Angeles. I am a Southern California gal born and raised so I was happy to see this although I’m not from LA but OC.

The Los Angeles collection from Charme Lacquers is made of 6 different polishes and today I have Melrose and Mulholland to share with you. Let’s take a look at them.

Melrose 1

Melrose 2

When I first saw Melrose, I kept thinking of pink cupcakes with sprinkles. It’s definitely a very girlie color which I surprisingly really liked. Unfortunately, I found the application very challenging. The polish was very goopy and thick—so much so, that I didn’t want to apply it without adding some thinner. Even after adding thinner, it was difficult to work with. I applied 3 coats for the swatches above but think that this polish might be better as a layering topcoat over an opaque base color. I did contact the maker and she was very open to hearing about my experience with the polish and said she would take my comments into account when making future batches. A+ for responsiveness and customer service! I think this is one of the HUGE benefits of purchasing from an indie brand: they actually listen to their customers!

Mulholland 1

Mulholland 2

Mulholland is a purple jelly—the stuff purple lover’s dreams are made of. While this polish was also a tad thicker than I am used to (but nowhere near as thick as Melrose), I added a few drops of thinner and that fixed it right up. I am not usually a huge fan of jellies in general, but this one is so vibrant that it just won me over. I applied 3 coats for the swatches above, but I probably could have gotten away with two. I didn’t have much trouble with the placement of the glitter except for the large circle glitters which I will try to fish out next time because I’m a circle glitter fiend.

Overall, I was happy with my polish choices and I am looking forward to what else Charme Lacquers puts out. Make sure that you check out Charme Lacquers at their various social media sites to keep up with swatches and news:

Etsy: http://www.etsy.com/people/dailycharme

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DailyCharme

Blog:  http://dailycharme.com/

Thanks for stopping by today and enjoy the rest of your weekend.