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Nicole by OPI Seize The Summer Collection Summer 2014

Nicole by OPI Seize The Summer Collection Summer 2014




Guess what? I’m about to enter the black hole of Netflix binging again. I just started watching Orange Is The New Black, and I am obsessed. I know it’s not exactly new, but I had hesitated watching it because I get so mad when I have to wait forever to see the next season. Basically, I don’t want a repeat of the whole House Of Cards drama in my life: I binge watch the entire season and then I get so sad that I have to wait and wait and wait and wait… Well, I started watching Orange Is The New Black because I know the second season is coming out on the 6th, so at least I can binge watch 2 seasons! So besides the Netflix binging, I didn’t do much this weekend. I was planning to watch Maleficent but I didn’t really feel like going anywhere so I just veged out all weekend until Sunday evening when I was in a rush doing my laundry and getting my stuff ready for work tomorrow. Yep, pretty typical. One thing I did do was swatch the Nicole by OPI Seize The Summer Collection which is made up of 4 new shades for Summer 2014. Let me show you my swatches first.

Nicole by OPI Lay It On The Lime 1Nicole by OPI Lay It On The Lime 2Nicole by OPI Lay It On The Lime

Nicole by OPI Leapink For Joy 1Nicole by OPI Leapink For Joy 2Nicole by OPI Leapink For Joy

Nicole by OPI The Coral Of The Story 1Nicole by OPI The Coral Of The Story 2Nicole by OPI The Coral Of The Story

Nicole by OPI Shaved Ice 1Nicole by OPI Shaved Ice 2Nicole by OPI Shaved Ice

When I first got these, I was really excited that it was just a small 4 piece collection: 3 bright and juicy cremes and 1 glitter. It seems that this summer, lime greens are all the rage which is fine by me because I love the color. Our of all 4 polishes, the only problematic one was Lay It On The Lime. It was super streaky and just a pain to work with in general because it needed three coats to look decent. The other 3 polishes were fine so I don’t have anything to point out about them except that they all look a lot like some other recent polishes…………

Shaved Ice v. Muppets World TourShaved Ice vs. Muppets World Tour

Lay It On The Lime v. Life Gave Me LemonsLay It On The Lime vs. Life Gave Me Lemons

Leapink For Joy v. Kiss Me I'm BrazilianLeapink For Joy vs. Kiss Me I’m Brazilian

The Coral Of The Story v. Live.Love.CarnavalThe Coral Of The Story vs. Live.Love.Carnaval

NOPI v. OPISo are all of these 100% dupes? Two of them are: NOPI Shaved Ice/OPI Muppets World Tour and NOPI The Coral Of The Story/OPI Live.Love.Carnaval are 100% dupes so you can pass on one if you have the other. NOPI Lay It On The Lime and OPI Life Gave Me Lemons are NOT dupes because Life Gave Me Lemons is a traditional neon that dries to a satin finish while Lay It On The Lime is a standard creme. LGML is also way brighter than LIOTL even without the white base. If I had to pick one, I would go with Life Gave Me Lemons. Lastly, NOPI Leapink For Joy and OPI Kiss Me I’m Brazilian are not 100% dupes because LFJ is a tiny bit darker, but not by much. They both have really great formulas so being the polish hoarder that I am, I would recommend both. However, you don’t need both–especially if you’re just starting to build up your collection and you don’t want too many dupes.

So overall, these 4 new polishes from Nicole by OPI are nice but I’m not thrilled about the dupe factor. But hey: at least you can save yourself some moola if you have some of these colors already, right? I hope you have a good Monday because I will sure try to make mine good–try being the operative word. Thanks for stopping by today, and I’ll catch you later!