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Duri Cosmetics Insidious: Chapter 2 Collection

Duri Cosmetics Insidious: Chapter 2 Collection




I am a movie buff. I love watching tons of movie and don’t really have a favorite genre. If I gave you a list of some of my favorite movies, you’d probably laugh. Actually, let me give you a small list: Dersu Uzala, Billy Madison, The Rock, A Heart In Winter, Anchorman…and the list goes on.  I have always been a follower of horror movies—even as a child. I don’t know if this is strictly a cultural thing, but my mom was always telling us ghost/demon stories when I was a kid. I remember being 4 years old and begging my mom to tell me about the time she thought she saw Satan in the family cornfield. I’m not kidding. Coming from a traditional Mexican background meant that all of our family stories involved supernatural events. As much as I liked hearing those stories, I was also scared out of my mind to the point that I would have nightmares every night. I wouldn’t tell my mom about my nightmares because then she would stop telling us the stories and I would miss them. Vicious cycle, I tell ya…

So today I have something to share with you that involves two of my favorite things: horror movies and nail polish. This is my very first experience with Duri so I was very excited about trying out their products. Without further ado, let me show you the Duri Cosmetics Insidious: Chapter 2 Collection.


Duri Lady In White 1Duri Lady In White 2Duri Lady In White looked like a traditional white cream in the bottle so I was already inwardly groaning thinking about most of my past experiences with white polishes. However, once I applied the polish, I noticed that it had a beautiful pearly sheen to it. While the formula was fairly streaky, I was able to get a good opaque finish with 4 very thin coats, and I would imagine that 3 regular coats would do the job. I really liked this white but it is a little too streaky for my liking. I also liked that the pearly finish kept the color from looking chalky and severe, because who wants White Out nails?


Duri Shocking Twist 1Duri Shocking Twist 2Duri Shocking Twist is one of my favorite colors in this collection because it’s kind of ugly but kind of awesome. The formula on this polish was pretty awesome as it is almost a one coater. It is very pigmented, smooth and shiny. I think the color looks a little off on my darker skin, but that has never stopped me. Because of the green shade (more of a chartreuse?), this polish seems like more of a Spring inspired color. Other than that, really like it!


Duri Red Door 1Duri Red Door 2Duri Red Door is a bright red jelly. Holy Toledo it’s bright! The name of this polish reminded me of my mom using Elizabeth Arden’s perfume, Red Door. I remember how cool I felt trying out her perfumes and such. I got pretty good coverage at one coat, but I don’t really like VNL so I applied a second coat to make the color more opaque.


Duri Steel Shadows 1Duri Steel Shadows 2Duri Steel Shadows looked kind of strange when I was looking at the bottles—strange but promising.  I ended up really liking this polish because it has that steely look to it. I do wish that the polish hadn’t dried so dull, but a coat of Seche livened it right up. The formula is thick and easy to control so one coat is all that I needed. One thing to mention is that this polish had a slight odor…I couldn’t quite place it but it didn’t smell like the other polishes.


Duri Nightfall 1Duri Nightfall 2Hello blue polishes! Haven’t we seen oodles of blues this fall? Duri Nightfall was the polish I was most excited to try and it did not disappoint when it came to the look of it. Just like Steel Shadows, it dried very dull looking—almost like a matte or satin. That’s not really a complaint because I always top coat my manis, but this one had a really bad odor. It smelled like bug spray or something along those lines. Once the polish dried down, the odor went away but it was very unpleasant! I can overlook the odor issue because this polish is so dark and glowy—definitely my favorite.


Duri Into The Further 1Duri Into The Further 2Remember when black nails were all the rage? Duri Into The Further is a great black crème that applies easily. This could be a one coater because of how thick and opaque the formula is, but I opted to apply 2 thin coats.  This color dried to a satin finish which I top coated for a shiny and glossy finish. This is a pretty traditional black crème so I don’t have much to say about it.

Overall, I am pleased with my first Duri experience. I liked the formula on these polishes, and I can’t wait to try more because you know how I love me some creme polishes. These polishes are available now so go get ’em! Are you going to be watching Insidious: Chapter 2? I am!!!! I’ll be watching it on Friday the 13th just to further temp fate since I know how it likes to play cat and mouse with me. If you’re interested in learning more about Duri Cosmetics, make sure that you check them out on their website, Facebook and Twitter.

Thanks for stopping by today!