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KBShimmer Indie Shop Limited Edition Polishes

KBShimmer Indie Shop Limited Edition Polishes



Oh hai there. I’m kind of excited that it’s Friday because Saturday is pretty much my favorite day of the week. This Saturday is also my nephew’s first birthday party so I know I’m going to have fun even though he hates me. He cries any time that I talk to him, that I look at him or basically just exist around him. I hope he gets over it soon because Auntie Cynthia is not happy about this. Saturday is also great because of…THE INDIE SHOP! If you are lucky enough to be going to The Indie Shop in Atlanta, you will be able to get your hands on a lot of pretties. I really wish I had the time and means to go to all of these awesome polish events because it would be great to meet all of the makers behind some of my favorite brands. As you all know, I have a major polish boner for all things KBShimmer so I’m excited to share with you the two KBShimmer Indie Shop Limited Edition shades: I Never Wood Have Guessed and It’s Petrifying. Let’s take a look at some swatches before I give you my thoughts.

KBShimmer I Never Wood Have Guessed (Indoor Light)

KBShimmer I Never Wood Have Guessed (Sunlight)

KBShimmer It’s Petrifying

So whaddaya think? Personally, I find I Never Wood Have Guessed to be a glorious polish. I love that brown, rusty color so much and it’s soo different from any other brown toned polish that I own. I do love the beautiful crellies that KBShimmer always puts out so I am very happy with It’s Petrifying. In case you did not know, these shades were created to celebrate Jen’s 5 year blogging anniversary. You can see her post here. Congrats to her on 5 years! So what do you think about these two shades? If you’re thinking that you won’t be able to get these if you’re not going to the Indie Shop, well you’re WRONG because these will be available on kbshimmer.com as well. WOOOOT! Thanks so much for stopping by today, and I will talk to you soon.