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KBShimmer Summer Collection 2015

KBShimmer Summer Collection 2015




I keep hearing that it’s super hot in other parts of the country, but here in Southern California we are getting some much needed rain. Today has been a clear day, but I hope that we get some more rain. I had planned to put up my swatches of this collection like a month ago but my hiatus kind of derailed my plans. Since this collection is brand new and just became available on 5/15, what better time to start wearing bright Summer colors and show you my favorites? The KBShimmer Summer Collection for 2015 is absolutely massive with neon cremes, glitters, foil flakes and duochrome flakes–there truly is something for everyone in this collection. Let me show you the 9 polishes I picked out to for you today:

KBShimmer For Sail By Owner 1KBShimmer For Sail By Owner 2KBShimmer For Sail By Owner

KBShimmer In Yacht Water 1KBShimmer In Yacht Water 2KBShimmer In Yacht Water

KBShimmer  Sarong Place, Sarong Time 1KBShimmer  Sarong Place, Sarong Time 2KBShimmer Sarong Place, Sarong Time

KBShimmer We Be Jammin' 1KBShimmer We Be Jammin' 2KBShimmer We Be Jammin’

KBShimmer What Are You Wading For 1KBShimmer What Are You Wading For 2

KBShimmer What Are You Wading For 3KBShimmer What Are You Wading For 4KBShimmer What Are You Wading For?

KBShimmer Vitamin Sea 1KBShimmer Vitamin Sea 2KBShimmer Vitamin Sea

KBShimmer She's Beyond Kelp! 1KBShimmer She's Beyond Kelp! 2

KBShimmer She's Beyond Kelp! 3KBShimmer She's Beyond Kelp! 4KBShimmer She’s Beyond Kelp!

KBShimmer Green Weaver 1KBShimmer Green Weaver 2

KBShimmer Green Weaver 3KBShimmer Green Weaver 4KBShimmer Green Weaver

KBShimmer Look On The Nightside 1KBShimmer Look On The Nightside 2

KBShimmer Look On The Nightside 3KBShimmer Look On The Nightside 4KBShimmer Look On The Nightside

The neon cremes are so gorgeous, but they aren’t super easy to work with. Since they dry satin, they have a tendency to dry quickly so it is very easy to overwork them. As long as you’re aware of this, you shouldn’t have too much trouble with them–they’re very pigmented and gorgeous. I really was not expecting to love the duochrome flakies but holy crap they are really beautiful. I don’t have any of the flakies from other brands so I can’t do a comparison for you, but these offer really great coverage and are opaque at two coats. I had a hard time capturing the color shift so I took a few extra pictures in a different setting. Who knew my bathroom would have good lighting to show off the duochrome effect?! Overall, this collection does not disappoint! I love the variety of colors and finishes, and I know that you are bound to find something to love in this collection. In case you weren’t already aware, this collection is available now at kbshimmer.com so get them while they’re hot! Do you have any favorites? I hope that you’re having a good weekend and thanks so much for stopping by today. I will talk to you soon!