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Sephora by OPI I’m So Sari!

Sephora by OPI I’m So Sari!




Oh man, I am so tired right now. Today we had a little party for my brother since he turned 24 a couple of days ago so there was a lot going on. Holy crap, we are getting old. It was really fun, and I had a great time with some family and friends. I didn’t get enough sleep last night because I was up until 2 am finishing up my swatches of the Carrie Underwood polishes, so now I’m paying for it. Since I have been swatching so much in the last week, my nails took a real bad beating, and I could tell that one nail wanted to break. I don’t know if anyone else has experienced this, but any time I use non-acetone remover, I feel like my hands and nails get really messed up. I never have a problem with just regular acetone which I would think would be the complete opposite. Anyway, after I finished swatching the 14 polishes, I filed my nails way down. I fee so much better because my nails were getting way too long for my own comfort. I have a couple of posts with my longer nails and then you’ll be seeing my new nubs. They’re not completely nubbinized, but I did take off some decent length. Today’s polish is also from my untrieds (yay!): Sephora by OPI I’m So Sari! Let me take a moment here and bless the polish Gods for such a glorious creation.

Sephora by OPI I'm So Sari! 1aSephora by OPI I'm So Sari! 2This beautiful glitter concoction is just so breathtaking that my photos don’t manage to do it justice. I didn’t think much of it when I bought it at Sephora, so it had been sitting in my melmers for quite a while. When I swatched Sephora by OPI Slushied, I figured that I might as well try out I’m So Sari! on top of it, and that is how this beautiful mani was born. I’m So Sari! is a pretty dense glitter which you can definitely wear on its own, but by layering it on top of a blue, I only needed one coat. It has a foil-like quality to it, but those holographic glitters really kick it up a notch.

Well, what do you think of this? I’m really loving it and will definitely be wearing it in the future. I have a bunch of stuff to share with you guys, but I think I will wait because I’m tired and should be going to bed since I work at 6 am tomorrow. Just typing that out made me cringe. Anyway, I hope that you’re enjoying your weekend, and we’ll talk soon.