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New Cult Nails Babies

Since I’m trying to go through all my untrieds before I allow myself to buy more bottles of nail polish, I pulled out the the last three Cult Nails polishes that I purchased during their last $5 sale. Yeah, I can hear you laughing at the idea of me not buying anything until I go through my untrieds….I’m looking at you Nicole and Lesley. To be honest, I doubt I’m going to stick to it but I resisted the urge to go to my nail places today. I’m going to wait until my crack dealer tells me that he has the new Essie collection in before I drag my butt out there. I think I’m getting better at using my new camera so I hope these pictures at least seem of better quality. You be the judge.


Let Me Fly is the color that I was most looking forward to trying out, and it did not disappoint. This color has more green in it so I don’t know why it photographed so blue. The color is amazing and the formula flowed like butter. It only needed two coats which I love.


I hadn’t heard anyone complain about the new Iconic so I didn’t go in with any preconceived notions. I love this polish. What is not to like about a smouldering magenta/red/brown/copper/gold polish with awesome flakes? This is another one of those polishes that look like they are on fire–yes, it’s that dramatic.


And lastly, I also purchased Hypnotize Me. I am pretty sure this is a polish that is meant for layering because it looks kind of weird on its own. I had to apply 3 coats for these swatches and the formula was so incredibly goopy and hard to control. Despite it being a glitter, it was not difficult to remove and did not dry super gritty. Once I applied a coat of Seche, it was perfectly smooth.

Once again, Cult Nails impresses me with beautiful colors. I’m eyeing their new collection now…ooohhh….so many pretties. Are you also a fan of Cult Nails? Do you have a favorite color to recommend for my next purchase?