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The Infamous SpaRitual Holiday Set

If any bottles of nail polish will have a more interesting story than these two, I will take a shot of acetone. Well, no, not really…cause, well…it probably tastes like evil. After getting two empty sets, I thought I might never get these darn polishes and I wasn’t really expecting for beauty.com to refund my money and send me the set for free. I know some people might think it’s silly to get upset over nail polish, but when you pay for something, you just expect to get it, right?  So let me say that these are my first creme SpaRitual polishes; I bought one at Sephora that is super shimmery/metallic looking. My litmus test for any nail polish brand is how well they do cremes because in my opinion, there is nothing better than creamy, glossy and vibrant nails.

Hot Blooded really does remind me of blood. I’ve been called hot blooded on more than one occasion but all I could think of when I saw the name of this polish is the Foreigner song.

I thought I was going to like this polish more but it’s a little too sheer. It’s more of a jelly in that sense and it also has a very slight shimmer which you can’t really see.

This dark and vampy color is called I Feel The Earth Move. It’s a very pigmented red/brown with some burgundy to boot. I don’t think I have any dark reds with this much brown in my collection so I like it. It’s a very fall appropriate color for sure.

Overall I’m happy with these polishes. I really like the SpaRitual formula because it’s very workable and a breeze to apply. Dry time is also excellent even if you don’t apply a fast dry top coat. The only thing I didn’t like is that both of these darkly pigmented colors stain like a mofo so make sure you wear a good base coat to help protect your nails. This set was worth the wait.

Are you a SpaRitual fan?