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Dollish Polish Hip Hop Hippity Hop

Dollish Polish Hip Hop Hippity Hop




Oh my GOD can you believe the game today? I was glued to the TV because I couldn’t believe how it was playing out! My favorite part was when…I DIDN’T WATCH THE GAME. Since I had nothing to do today except keeping up with my rest after being sick for the last few days, I just lounged around at home and watched a bunch of movies on Netflix. I watched this amazing movie called Remembrance about Hannah, a Jewish woman in a concentration camp who falls in love with Tomasz, a Polish man, who is working in the camp. He manages to break her out by impersonating a German officer and they flee to his mother’s home. His mother does not approve of Hannah because she is Jewish. Tomasz leaves Hannah at his mother’s home when he has to leave for a few days because he is trying to smuggle out pictures of the atrocities in the concentration camps. When Tomasz doesn’t return, Hannah ends up leaving but leaves a note for him even though he is believed to be dead. The movie is done in flashbacks so we see that Hannah is now married and living in NY when she sees Tomasz on a television interview talking about her and how he fell in love with her in that camp. I won’t spoil the rest of the movie in case you are interested in watching it. I loved how it ended even though I wanted MORE!!!! Anyway, I hope you check out this movie because it’s really great. The polish I’m sharing with you today is Dollish Polish Hip Hop Hippity Hop which was a birthday gift from my good friend Amanda from Mae’s Beauty. Let’s take a look at my swatches below.

Dollish Polish Hip Hop Hippity Hop 1aDollish Polish Hip Hop Hippity Hop 2a

I love how beautiful and delicate this polish is. The formula is absolutely perfect as it is very creamy and applies perfectly. I was expecting a difficult formula as it is a light and pastel color, but it only needed two thin coats for complete opacity.  So pretty, right?

Well, tomorrow I have to go to work and then after work I’m going to see my doctor. I’m sure this coming week is going to be full of lots of unpleasantness, but that is just step 1 in my year of getting healthy, right? I hope that you’ve had a nice weekend and don’t forget to stop by tomorrow because I will have my review of the OPI Brazil Collection all ready to dazzle you. I can’t wait to hear what you think about the whole collection. Talk to you soon!