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Dare To Wear Gold Crush Holiday Lacquer Set

Dare To Wear Gold Crush Holiday Lacquer Set




Hi there! Yes, I am still on a baby high, and I can’t wait to see my little nephew again because he is just the cutest little thing ever. Since there was so much baby commotion this weekend, I didn’t get a chance to do too much swatching, but I did manage to swatch this fun holiday set. Dare To Wear by LeChat is a brand that I am really keeping a close eye on because they have some amazing polishes. Let’s get to the swatches of the Dare To Wear Gold Crush Holiday Lacquer Set.

DSC00131First of all, here is the box set. Pretty, right? So festive!

DSC00134If you are familiar with this brand, you may notice that the bottles are very different. I was told that the bottles were redesigned recently and that all new polishes will have this new bottle design. Personally I find them very substantial and kind of luxe looking. Someone who shall remain nameless made some jokes about the caps being “ribbed for her pleasure,” but we will just move right along from that comment.

Dare To Wear Holly Berries 1Dare To Wear Holly Berries 2What would a holiday polish set be without a staple red? Dare To Wear Holly Berries is that staple red polish. The formula on it is pretty great as it can be a once coat polish. The color is very saturated and extremely smooth so it’s definitely a great polish even if it is a staple color and very expected.

Dare To Wear Gold Chalice 1Dare To Wear Gold Chalice 2Gold. Barf. Ok, I just can’t get on the gold polish train (I’m looking at you, V!) Dare To Wear Gold Chalice is a ghetto gold foil-like polish that applies rather smoothly. I applied two coats and that was enough for full coverage. Other than that, I don’t have much to say about this polish.

Dare To Wear Holiday Lights 1Dare To Wear Holiday Lights 2I wasn’t expecting to like this glitter as much as I do, but Dare To Wear Holiday Lights is just so freaking festive that it made me happy to have such shiny and bright colors all over my nails. The glitter in this polish is rather small, but it managed to apply rather evenly as only two coats were needed. I’ve got to warn you, though: removal was a pain.

So what do you think of this holiday set? Is it something that you’d purchase? Since I have similar colors, I have put this set up on my blog sale in case you’re interested. Are you familiar with this brand? If you have any polish recommendations from this line, please let me know because I absolutely love what I have tried from Dare To Wear. I bought a second holiday trio that is blue based so hopefully I get around to swatching it for you soon. Thanks so much for stopping by today, and I will catch up with you soon.