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Super Nails – Part 1

Super Nails – Part 1




Hey!!!! Are you happy it’s Friday?? Uhm, I am!!! I can’t wait for the weekend so I can spend some time vegging out. Another thing I’m excited about is trying out a new brand: Super Nails. I had 6 polishes lined up to show you today, but let’s just say there there was an unfortunate even with my memory card. The other three polishes will be on the blog this weekend, but for now enjoy these three pretties.Super Nails Beautiful Baby GirlSuper Nails Beautiful Baby Girl

Super Nails CatwomanSuper Nails Catwoman

Super Nails Fruit LoopsSuper Nails Fruit Loops

I found all of these glitter toppers really fun because they can transform any polish. I am thinking of wearing Fruit Loops to my nephew’s 1st birthday party because it’s so festive and bright. To learn more about Super Nails, make sure that you check out KC’s etsy shop for all of her fun creations. You can also find Super Nails on Facebook and Twitter. Thanks so much for stopping by today, and I will talk to you soon!