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China Glaze On The Horizon Collection

China Glaze On The Horizon Collection




Those of you who know me, probably know how much I hate birds. This isn’t just like a dislike of birds, I actually find them disgusting and terrifying. Every time that I think of birds, I imagine feeling their weird scaly feet on my hand I nearly convulse. Napoleon Dynamite is one of my favorite movies, and this scene still cracks me up and horrifies me at the same time.

I freaking hate chickens too. So much so that I didn’t eat chicken for years. I really don’t know where my hatred for birds started, but I always remember going to visit my grandparents in Mexico when I was a kid. They had a lot of animals and they had this crazy rooster that would always poke at my legs with its beak and rip my tights. My mom always dressed me in frilly dresses and tights, and I ripped holes into every single pair. No one believed me that the rooster would chase me and poke holes in my tights so maybe that’s where it all started because I always got in trouble over that. I was about 4 years old when I encountered that psychotic rooster so my hate goes deep.

Well, imagine my horror when all these feather-type polishes started popping up. I first heard about them from Nails Inc. and I actually passed on them because they had a picture of a bird on the cap. I was slightly relieved when Sally Hansen put them out as “Fuzzy Coats,” but I still ended up passing on them. Well, last week I caved when I saw them at a local beauty supply. Despite the very avian names of these polishes, I decided to suck it up and swatch them for the benefit of you, my readers, and my own curiosity. I layered all of these polishes over a colored base because I did not want to fuss with the application of wearing them alone. I am going to show you my swatches first and will then talk about the actual polishes because the formula on them was identical across the board.

China Glaze All A Flutter 1

China Glaze All A Flutter 2

China Glaze All A Flutter over Sation Lollipop! Goes the Princess

China Glaze Flock Together 1

China Glaze Flock Together 2

China Glaze Flock Together over Sation Dating The Duke

China Glaze Flying South 1

China Glaze Flying South 2

China Glaze Flying South over Sation Prairie Fairy

China Glaze Light As A Feather 1

China Glaze Light As A Feather 2

China Glaze Light As A Feather over Sation Teacher’s Pet

China Glaze Party Fowl 1

China Glaze Party Fowl 2

China Glaze Party Fowl over Unicorns Are Teal

China Glaze You're A Hoot 1

China Glaze You're A Hoot 2

China Glaze You’re A Hoot over Sation 3 Free-dom

I didn’t really have any issues with the formula on these polishes. I started out applying two thin coats of the glitter to try to build it up. However, I found that applying one thick coat by loading up my brush with glitter and then pushing it around on my nails gave me the best result. I wasn’t going for a completely opaque glitter coverage, so this method worked for me just fine. I noticed that I was getting glitter basically sticking over my nail edge so I just had to push it back or smooth it back with the brush. I think these polishes dry a little dull since they are full of matte bar glitters and your nails will feel a little rough unless you put on a nice heavy coat of top coat. Someone who shall remain nameless mentioned that these polishes reminded her of armpit hair shavings. LOL Omg…I am still not over that comment and wish I had come up with it myself.  Overall, I think these are fun but they are not for me. First of all, the whole bird thing…

Secondly, I just think they look a little weird. I can see this trend going the way of the crackle except that crackle never made me want to vomit so there you go.  While I can see the allure of these and can understand why they’ve been so popular, I think this will be my first and last experiment with feather/fuzzy polishes.

So what about you? What do you think of this collection or trend in general? Are you going to be getting any of these? What are some of your phobias? Thanks so much for stopping in today, and I will talk to you soon!