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Finger Paints Limited Edition Magnetic Effects Collection

Yesterday when I was at Sally’s I saw this apparently new collection of magnetic polishes by Finger Paints. Normally I am not going gaga over magnetic polishes since I have some by Nails Inc. and China Glaze. However, there was a sale going on and these are very reasonably priced. They come in the following 4 colors:

If these look familiar, it is because they are the exact same bottle and magnet as Nails Inc.

So what is the big difference? Nothing but the price. Nails Inc. sells for $16 a bottle while Finger Paints sells for $6.99. With the buy two get one free sale on all polishes at Sally, I ended up paying under $16 for THREE polishes of the same quality and size. If you are new to magnetic polish, this is a very economical way to try them out without spending too much.

Here are some swatches of the three colors I picked up:

Cop An Attitude



So what do you think? Do these interest you?