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Faby Italian Nail Couture

Faby Italian Nail Couture




For US lacqueristas, we tend to have all the major brands at our disposal so we don’t know what the ladies in other parts of the world go through to get certain brands. Well, today I have a new-to-the-US brand to share with you: Faby! Faby who? Well, let me share with you a little about Faby:

Faby is a high-quality, professional line of nail care products with over 175 brilliant, richly-pigmented colors that capture the essence of Italian style. But Faby offers more than just a manicure; wearing Faby is a color experience. With shades that are inspired by Italian culture, music, literature, cinema, and fairytales, and each with a story to tell, Faby nail lacquers are an expression of person style that encourage you to make a statement and live “La Bella Vita.”

How’s that for an introduction? I have to say I’m a little biased to ANYTHING Italian because I adore Italy, and it was basically my home away from home while I was living in France. Now, let me show you the three shades I got to try out:

Faby A Long Summer 1Faby A Long Summer 2Faby A Long Summer

Faby Faby Is My Best Friend! 1Faby Faby Is My Best Friend! 2Faby Faby Is My Best Friend!

Faby Jump On My Magic Carpet! 1Faby Jump On My Magic Carpet! 2Faby Jump On My Magic Carpet!

I am so glad that they sent me 3 cremes to try out because I think cremes are the litmus test for polish companies–if they can’t do cremes right, then I don’t know what to tell ya. Fortunately, all three polishes had a great formula. They were very opaque, creamy and easy to control. Even better, they did not need any top coat to have that amazingly shiny finish. While this trio of colors isn’t my favorite (I’m not a fan of orange and brown isn’t on my lust list), they definitely were a pleasure to work with. Here comes the but…the price. You guys know I’m not opposed to paying a lot for my nail polish (hello Tom Ford!), but I’m not a sucker either. These polishes retail for $18 each which I think is pretty steep.  You can read more about Faby and see the wide range of colors that they offer at fabyusa.com. I also wanted to mention that Faby is cruelty-free and 5-free which I know is important to many consumers.  Let me know what you think of these polishes! Thanks for the visit.