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Pure Ice Citrus Collection – Summer 2013

Pure Ice Citrus Collection – Summer 2013




I don’t know where you are in the world, but I feel like we really haven’t seen a normal summer here in Southern California which leads me to think that we are going to be having a really horrid long summer where we will be sweltering in November. Don’t you hate it when it’s Thanksgiving and it’s hot as hell and you’re sweating your ass off while you prepare for the crazy dinner feast? I really hate that. I don’t, however, hate all the awesome polish colors that come out during the Summer. Today I’m going to show you two polishes from the Pure Ice Citrus Collection.

 The Pure Ice Citrus collection includes four luminous shades:
  1. Showstopper – Crème primary yellow
  2. Drive Me Crazy – Crème flame orange
  3. Can’t Stop –  Crème rustic orange
  4. Excuse Me- Sunshine Yellow Shimmer

The two I have for you today are Drive Me Crazy and Excuse Me.

Pure Ice Excuse Me 1

Pure Ice Excuse Me 2I don’t know too many people who love yellow polishes the way I do, so I was kind of excited when I saw this yellow in promo pics. I think that because of my skintone, I can get away with wearing a lot of different colors. However, once I applied Pure Ice Excuse Me, it was barf city. This is a frosty/shimmer mess that makes me want to curse frosty polishes to the seventh circle of hell. The formula wasn’t THAT bad, but it was very easy to create bald spots so it is important to allow each coat dry before you apply a second…and third.

Pure Ice Drive Me Crazy 1

Pure Ice Drive Me Crazy 2Well, hello there beautiful! Pure Ice Drive Me Crazy is my kind of color: super bright, pigmented, smooth and glossy. This is almost like a crelly type polish so I noticed that although I got pretty good and even coverage with 2 coats, I still had VNL so I applied a third coat to make it more opaque. This polish had a pretty great formula so I have no complaints about it.

Are you ready to move on from all these hot Summer colors and ready for the darker side of Fall? Personally, I wear bright colors year-round so gimme more brights!!! What are some of your favorite Summer colors? How do you feel about yellow polishes in general? Anyway, thanks so much for catching up with me today, and I’ll talk to you soon!



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