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NARS Pierre Hardy Duo – Ethno Run

self purchased



Woo hoo Friday! Oh, wait…I work tomorrow. Womp womp! I’m hoping that at least it won’t be too busy tomorrow, but knowing my luck, I’ll probably be slammed with work. If that’s the case, at least the day will go by a lot faster. I’ve been so incredibly tired lately, and I have no idea why. I’ve been trying to go to sleep a lot earlier, but I don’t always succeed because I start working on blog posts or reading other blogs and before I know it, it’s 10:00 pm and I’m fucked.  It really sucks having to wake up at 3:30 every morning, but I think I’m finally barely starting to get used to it after 4 months. It’s funny what your body and mind can start to get used to after months of torture.

Anyway, today I have the NARS Pierre Hardy Duo – Ethno Run which consists of an orange polish and a navy blue polish. When I was trying to decide what duo to purchase, this is the one that Daniel picked for me when we were celebrating “his birthday.”  Let’s look at my new NARS babies.








This orange shade is called Ethno Run Left. It is a very pigmented color, but it applied a little streaky at first. I recommend making sure that the first coat is dry before you apply the second coat because you can cause some polish dragging. This is a nice orange polish but not as saturated as some of my other favorite orange polishes since this is a yellow-leaning orange. It dries very shiny and glossy–so pretty!








Ethno Run Right is the other shade in this duo. Damn it’s dark and sultry! I did not notice that my application was a little uneven until I downloaded the pictures–you can see some lighter areas where the color of the polish really shines through. It’s such a glossy beauty that I can imagine this looking amazing in the Fall. I applied two thin coats here, but I think 2 thick coats would have been better. Sorry about the weird changing skin tone: every time I photograph a super dark polish, my camera makes my skin look a lot lighter than it actually is and I try not to mess with color correction so I leave it as is.


So what do you think about this pretty duo? I picked mine up at Sephora where they retail for $29 which is kind of a steal when you realize that each NARS polish will set you back $19 so you’re actually SAVING money. See how well I delude myself? Anyway, I hope you have a great weekend–have fun and be safe. Talk to you soon!