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Crown Brush HD Set Review

Crown Brush HD Set Review




I know I’m a slacker. I haven’t been posting regularly and I kind of miss it, but at the same time I am really enjoying not putting pressure on myself to post, post, post! If this starts feeling like a job, then I won’t want to keep doing it so I think this is a very welcome break. The review I have for you today is for a set of Crown Brushes that I received a few weeks ago and that I tested for a bit before making any judgments. Let’s take a look at the Crown Brush HD Set, shall we?

1The set comes in a nice little zip case which is very helpful if you’re looking for a travel set. Since I have a lot of make up brushes, I have a huge brush roll that is not very convenient for travel so I appreciate the size of this case.

23This is what the brushes look like inside the set. The case has nice pockets for the brushes so that they remain in place, and it also comes with a set of tweezers and a mirror. Now let’s get to the meat of this review: the brushes! I am going to be showing the Crown brushes next to other similar brushes (mostly MAC) just to compare the size.

Pro Powder Brush

4Here it is between the MAC 129 and the MAC 150. The Crown Pro Powder brush is a pretty standard powder brush. It’s very soft and I used it to set my foundation with powder. It worked nicely.

Tapered Blush

5Here it is between the MAC 168 and the MAC 116. This was also a decent brush that I used to apply blush and bronzer. Because of it’s size, I found that it worked well for contouring. My problem with this brush is that it sheds. I washed it a few times already and it continues to shed so I don’t see myself really using it too often.

Deluxe Contour

6Since I don’t really have a similar brush in size, I was really excited about this one. Although it’s a contour brush, I thought that it would be perfect to blend out concealer under the eyes because the size is perfect. It did a great job of that, but it is impossible to clean. I always clean my brushes because I don’t want to keep putting bacteria on my face, but it remains kind of greasy feeling. I’ve used MAC brush cleaner, ELF Brush Cleanser and even Dawn soap, but it still remains dingy and greasy. I won’t be dealing with a brush that I can’t clean!

Crease Blender

78I’ve compared this brush to the MAC 224 and the Sonia Kashuk Blending Brush. I thought it did a fine job of blending out eye shadow and it is a good staple brush to have. However, my absolute favorite brush of this type is the Sonia Kashuk one so that’s the one I reach for the most.

Chisel Shadow

910This comparison might be a little unfair because the MAC 239 is my favorite brush ever…except for maybe the MAC 187. This brush didn’t do such a great job of picking up the product, and I got tons of fallout. I think that it worked a lot better with creme products so I will stick with those.

Detail Liner

1112Here it is compared to the Bare Escentuals eyeliner brush. To be honest, I don’t really have much to say about either of these brushes because I don’t like to wear gel or cream eyeliners and this is what these brushes are used for. I tried using the Crown Detail Liner with a cream liner and it worked well except that it didn’t give me a very fine line because the bristles still felt kind of fluffy.

Overall, these brushes are ok. I think it’s a decent set for someone that’s just starting out with make up or if you just want a set that you can easily travel with. These brushes are synthetic and vegan friendly which I know is important to a lot of you. This set can be purchased here for $27.95 and it looks like there is 10% off code on the Crown website as well. Let me know if you’ve tried any of these brushes in the past. Do you have any favorite brushes? Thanks so much for stopping by today, and I will talk to you soon!