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Essie Resort Collection 2015

Essie Resort Collection 2015




Can you believe I kept forgetting to post this review? In fact, you can tell it’s an older review because my nails were a different shape! I picked up the Essie Resort Collection for 2015 a while back because…I must try all the new Essie collections even when they don’t immediately appeal to me. Is that crazy? Some people may say so but it’s an addiction–at least I can admit it. Just like the yearly bridal collections that Essie releases, I like that they are smaller than the usual 6 piece collections. I feel that these collections can be very hit or miss so let me show you the swatches before we talk more about them.

Essie Suite Retreat 1Essie Suite Retreat 2Essie Suite Retreat

Essie Time For Me Time 1Essie Time For Me Time 2Essie Time For Me Time

Essie Stones n' Roses 1Essie Stones n' Roses 2Essie Stones n’ Roses

Essie Cocoa Karma 1Essie Cocoa Karma 2Essie Cocoa Karma

I’m just not feeling this collection. I really don’t like Cocoa Karma on me and the other colors, while nice, don’t really wow me. If I only had to pick one color from this collection it would have to be Suite Retreat because it’s the most vibrant color of the bunch and has a pretty kick-ass formula. I don’t really have much else to say about this collection–just a big meh.What are your thoughts on this small collection? Did you pick up any of these colors? Well, I hope you’re doing well and as always: thanks for the visit!