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China Glaze Sunday

Happy Sunday everyone and thanks for stopping by my blog. As promised, here are the swatches for the China Glaze polishes that I recently acquired.

Brownstone makes me think of The Real Housewives of New Jersey because of that building that Caroline manages but this color is not obnoxious and trashy like most of those women on the show. In the same Italian vein, it reminded me of the terra cotta roofs in Florence–definitely one of my favorite cities anywhere. It’s such a rich and saturated creme that  I could have even gotten away with one thick coat but applied two for this swatch. This color comes from the Fall 2011 Metro Collection.

From the 2006 Wow Factor Collection, here is Purple Panic. This is such a hot color. I love neon colors and this matte applies beautifully. Like all matte polishes, this one dries super fast so you have to work fast.

And here it is with a shiny topcoat just because I looooooooooove shiny nails.

Bahamian Escape is one of those colors that I’ve seen a lot of but I still find it gorgeous.

Passion In The Pacific is like a pristine blue ocean in a bottle. I love it. While I was wearing it, I kept thinking of Paul Gauguin’s paintings of Tahiti for some reason.

Rodeo Fanatic is one of those colors I drool over no matter how many similar colors I may already own. It’s such a gorgeous shimmery smokey dark blue. This comes from the Fall 2008 Rodeo Diva Collection which was simply amazing.

And lastly, this is Blue Sparrow from the Summer 2008 INK Collection which also brought us Flying Dragon and Turned Up Turquoise—two of my favorite polishes. The microglitter is not really visible because it’s a matter color but just wait until you apply a topcoat…

And here it is with a coat of Seche Vite…

Gorgeous, right?! Now I am just anxious to get the Hunger Games Capitol Colors Collection!!!!