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China Glaze The Giver Collection

China Glaze The Giver Collection




Ermahgerd it’s Friday! So it’s almost Saturday since I’m posting this so late, but I’m just super excited to have my weekend again. I can’t tell you enough how beat down I have felt this week, but today after work I went to get a haircut and it’s waaaaay short again which I love. That was so relaxing because I love having my hair cut. Then I came home and just vegged out while I did my nails for tomorrow’s Stamping Saturdays. Have you joined us for Stamping Saturdays yet? No?! Why not? You better get on that because I’d love to see your mani. So what should I say about the polishes I have for you today: China Glaze The Giver Collection? The Giver? What’s that? Oh, another YA novel. *yawn* Ok, so I haven’t actually read it and haven’t seen the movie yet, but Meryl Streep is in it so I’m in! Let me show you this collection, and then you can tell me what you think.

China Glaze Friends Forever, Right 1China Glaze Friends Forever, Right 2China Glaze Friends Forever, Right?

China Glaze New Birth 1China Glaze New Birth 2China Glaze New Birth

China Glaze Five Rules 1China Glaze Five Rules 2China Glaze Five Rules

China Glaze Intelligence Integrity & Courage 1China Glaze Intelligence Integrity & Courage 2China Glaze Intelligence Integrity & Courage

China Glaze Release 1China Glaze Release 2China Glaze Release

China Glaze Capacity To See Beyond 1China Glaze Capacity To See Beyond 2China Glaze Capacity To See Beyond

China Glaze The Outer Edge 1China Glaze The Outer Edge 2China Glaze The Outer Edge

China Glaze History Of The World 1China Glaze History Of The World 2China Glaze History Of The World

China Glaze Givers Theme 1China Glaze Givers Theme 2China Glaze Givers Theme

China Glaze Seeing Red 1China Glaze Seeing Red 2China Glaze Seeing Red

China Glaze Community 1China Glaze Community 2China Glaze Community

China Glaze Boundary Of Memory 1China Glaze Boundary Of Memory 2China Glaze Boundary Of Memory

This shit just got real, yo! This collection came out before the Fall All Aboard Collection and China Glaze is definitely on a roll. Man, this collections is awesome. I know they are mostly cremes, but that is my favorite finish. The colors are so classy and have this very classic and serene look to them. The formula on all of them was absolutely perfect and I don’t have any complaints. I know everyone is going gaga over Boundary Of Memory and rightly so because it’s fantastically gorgeous. This type of full coverage glitter reminds me of I Herd That and I’m Not Lion from the On Safari Collection. What do you think of this collection? I have heard that people are having a hard time finding all of the polishes in this collection because it’s sold out everywhere so I guess I was lucky to find them all.

So what do you have planned for this weekend? I have a bunch of cleaning to do because I am planning to throw out tons of junk that I don’t need anymore. In a way I am the opposite of a hoarder because I tend to throw everything away–except when it comes to polish, of course.  I hope you enjoy your upcoming weekend, and I will talk to you soon!

P.S. Sadly, this collection is up on my blog sale. I overspent by A LOT on polish recently so I can’t keep these. Hopefully they will find a nice new home.