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Sation BYOBottle

I had mentioned in my previous post about wanting to slow down my blogging schedule a bit for a few reasons. One of the main reasons is the fact that I am really busy looking for a job right now, and I don’t think that crazy or colorful nails are very interview appropriate. At my last job, one of the things I hated the most was interviewing people. I have so many stories about strange applicants! One of the more thought-provoking moments was when I called up an applicant, and she sounded like the perfect candidate: she had a perfect resume, was well spoken and energetic. When I brought her in for an interview, she was dressed immaculately but was wearing the world’s largest fake eyelashes. Ok, you don’t understand…her eyelashes were all I could focus on when I looked at her face. They weren’t just thick, they were LOOOOOONG. The interview went ok, but I just could not understand what made her think that wearing those eyelashes was a good idea–it just made me think she was lacking some common sense. I was kind of willing to look past the Snuffy Snuffleupagus eyelashes until she started calling me multiple times per day to “follow up” despite me telling her I would be calling people back in a week for a second interview. I could go on and tell you about the woman who kept wanting to reschedule her interview because she got her period and didn’t sleep well, but I’ll stop there. While going through my melmers for some pretty and subdue colors, I zeroed in on Sation BYOBottle.

Sation BYOBottle Swatch

Sation BYOBottle is a beautiful raisin-y plum color from their grooooooovy Nailstock Collection. This polish was so incredibly smooth to apply–it was almost a one-coater! Are there any 80’s kids here? You will totally get flashbacks, but I kept singing “I Heard It Through The Grapevine” because this polish reminded me of the California Raisins:

Sation BYOBottle Essie Nothing Else Metals MASH 44

For this design, I used Essie Nothing Else Metals and an image from plate MASH 44. I’ve been using my MASH plates a lot more often–they really are great quality plates and I hope that they put out some more sets in the future.

Today I was supposed to go to an interview but my gut kept telling me that there was something fishy with the whole thing. The person who contacted me was responding to the resume I had posted, but she wasn’t really giving me all the information about the actual position she was hiring for besides a vague description. She then told me she wanted me to meet her at a different location than where the job was supposed to be. Her directions sounded something like: “go down Main Street, hang a left on the napping bum, walk 500 ft down the dark alley and knock on the rusty door with an X marked in blood.” Uhm, yes I need a job but I do not need to be on the news as a murder victim. I did do my due diligence on the company and the person who contacted me so don’t worry–I’m not gullible. Ultimately, I just felt that there was something off about the whole situation so I passed. I have a few other prospects so I’m just going to keep on moving forward. Hopefully I won’t have too many of these job hunt stories to relate!

There is only one more week left for Christmas! Have you done all your shopping yet? Thanks for stopping by and I’ll see you around soon!


Disclosure: Sation BYOBottle was provided by the manufacturer or their PR firm. For more information, please see my Disclosure Policy tab. Essie Nothing Else Metals was purchased by me.