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Benefit Face Powders – A Review

After falling in love with the beauty that is NARS blushes (see my review here), I started looking at other brands for interesting blushes, face powders, and highlighters. And guess what I stumbled upon? Benefit Face Powders! I freaking love their little boxes of color delight. (Ok, that sounds kind of weird but bear with me!) The first face powder I purchased was the lovely Coralista. I had heard so many good things about it that I just couldn’t resist it. And then as it usually happens, I started adding to my collection…

If you are used to crazy dark blushes, these face powders are probably not going to do it for you. I find them to be delicate but they can definitely be built up if you’re looking for a more dramatic look. Some of these face powders can be used as blushes or as all-over face color if you use a light hand. Some of them are very shimmery so you don’t want to go overboard with them unless you want to look like a hot mess with a glitterface. These powders are very soft and blend beautifully. I don’t really have any issues with longevity since they seem to last all day on me. The swatches below are on my bare skin. The bottom swatch in each picture is just a finger swatch and the bottom is a little more blended out. As I mentioned before, these powders are not dramatic or intense unless you decide to build them up.

Benefit Face Powders

Benefit Face Powders


Benefit Coralista Face Powder     Benefit Coralist FFace Powder Swatch

CORALista is my favorite coral blush out there. It reminds me a little of NARS Orgasm without the chunky glitter. For me, this is the perfect summer blush.


Benefit Hoola Face Powder     Benefit Hoola Swatch

Hoola is my absolute favorite matte bronzer. I use it to contour or if I just want to give myself a subtle tan (tanner!) look without all the shimmer.


Benefit 10 Face Powder     Benefit 10 Face Powder

10 is an interesting combination of shimmery golden bronzer and a pink highlighter. For those that are cosmetic application challenged, this might be a great solution when you want to add that perfect amount of shimmer and brighten the top of your cheekbones.


Benefit Sugarbomb Face Powder     Benefit Sugarbomb Swatch

Sugarbomb is the best all-over face powder of the bunch. It’s subtle enough where you won’t look weird if you apply it everywhere. The shimmer in it will definitely brighten your complexion.


Benefit Dallas Face Powder     Benefit Dallas Swatch

Dallas is another pretty bronzer, but it does have a fair amount of shimmer in it so I wouldn’t really recommend it as an all-over face bronzer unless you like shimmer all over your face. Hey, some people do. I use this on my cheeks only and it works well as a subtle cheek contour.

Bella Bamba

Benefit Bella Bamba Face Powder     Benefit Bella Bamba Swatch

I am in love with Bella Bamba. It’s just such a bright watermelon pink color. I don’t care what time of year it is, I always reach for my Bella Bamba.


Benefit Dandelion Face Powder     Benefit Dandelion Swatch

And lastly, Dandelion is the most delicate face powder. I think this color suits very fair-skinned ladies who are looking for a light flush with some shimmer. When I use this, it doesn’t show up too well on my skin but I do get some brightening and it works great as a highlighter for me.

Benefit Face Powders can be purchased directly from their website and retail for $28.00. Have you tried any of the Benefit Face Powders? If so, what are your favorites?