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Incoco American Sweetheart Collection

Incoco American Sweetheart Collection




Hey guys! Happy 4th of July. I’m currently enjoying my day off from work…cause who doesn’t love a 3 day weekend? If you are off, please enjoy your day safely with you friends and family: be safe if you’re setting off fireworks and for the love of God don’t drink and drive. Ok, now that Mother Cynthia has scolded you enough, let me show you something fun: a selection from the Incoco American Sweetheart Collection

Home Of The Brave 1

Home Of The Brave 2

Home Of The Brave

Showtime 1

Showtime 2


American Spirit 1

American Spirit 2

American Spirit

I don’t know how familiar you are with Incoco products, but I’m pretty fond of them just because of the ease of use. They last quite well on my nails if I make sure to prep my nails properly which includes removing any overgrown cuticle skin and rubbing down my nails with acetone or alcohol to remove any oils. If you apply a base coat, they will wear like iron, but you have to be extra careful during application because you will not be able to readjust the appliqué once it touches your nail. Currently there is a sale going on at incoco.com for 30% off when you use the code REDWHITEBLUE. The sale is valid through 7/4/16 at midnight EST. I will now leave you with my favorite 4th of July picture of Peanut.


Happy birthday Murica!