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The Devil Wears Polish New Linear Holos

The Devil Wears Polish New Linear Holos




Does polish make you happy? Today I went on a complete polish binge and bought 18 new bottles of polish even though I have received 15 bottles for review in the last 2 days. No, I’m not trying to brag–I am just trying to explain the level of my depravity. It usually backfires because once the high of buying so much stuff goes away, I end up feeling really bad about myself for trying to fix all the shitty stuff in my life with stuff I don’t really need–namely polish. I guess it’s a good thing that it’s polish and not crack although they seem to have the same effect. You want to know what I do love? I love how polish brings so many of us together. I’ve met so many awesome ladies through this blog and hobby so I wouldn’t give that up for anything. I am also so happy  when I see a brand start up from day one like I have seen with The Devil Wears Polish. Tami is such a character, and I always enjoy her rants and raves because she is just very genuine. She is always working on new things, and today I have some holo awesomeness to show you.

The Devil Wears Polish Paint It Black 1The Devil Wears Polish Paint It Black 2The Devil Wears Polish Paint It Black is probably the darkest and most saturated black holo in my stash. I can tell you that the holo is much more pronounced in sunlight so I’m sad that my lighting doesn’t show it at its best. The formula was a tad thick, but that did not present any application issues. It was so saturated that it’s almost a one-coater which is awesome!

The Devil Wears Polish A Nice Chianti 1The Devil Wears Polish A Nice Chianti 2I was seriously drooling when I first saw The Devil Wears Polish A Nice Chianti because this color is just so rich and amazing. It made me think of the first time I went to Italy and all the wine my best friend and I had at dinner. This color is just sumptuous and look at the beautiful holo! Again, the formula on this one is fabulous and very opaque. It dries a little dull so I do recommend a shiny top coat which fortunately does not affect the holo effect.

Chrome 1Chrome 2Tami also sent me a sample of one of the chrome polishes that she has been working on. I always have a really hard time photographing anything that is duo or multi-chrome. This particular polish flashes pink, orange and gold depending on the angle. The formula felt very sheer on this one and it was a little difficult to build up so I had to apply 3 thickish coats.

If you love beautiful holos and fun glitter creations, I definitely recommend checking out The Devil Wears Polish. Make sure that you follow Tami on Facebook and her shop on Storenvy for updates on restocks and new creations. I don’t normally post so late in the day, but I’ve been swatching all afternoon and couldn’t wait to share these with you. I have so much new stuff to share in the next week that I am bursting with excitement! Thanks so much for stopping by today, and I will talk to you soon.