SpaRitual Oasis & Happy New Year!

Today is the first day of the rest of your life…NOT! I know we all tend to make a big deal about the new year, but it really is just another day. I don’t necessarily make official resolutions, but I do tend to think about things that I would like to change or improve. When I actually to promise myself to stick to resolutions, inevitably I break them right away and then I end up feeling super guilty. The biggest thing for me this year is to just be happier. I finally have a job that I like so that makes a huge difference in the quality of my life overall because we spend so much time at work. I know that the #1 resolution is to lose weight, which I desperately need to do, but I’m not going to say that this year. I just need to develop better eating and exercise habits and the rest will fall into place. As far as my blog goes, I want to get back on track with my posting. I haven’t been very consistent these last few months and I have felt that my heart just hasn’t been in it lately. I am feeling recharged and hope to do more nail art to get my creative juices flowing. Being more active on IG has been a lot of fun because I have been able to interact with a lot more people. I also feel that my blog needs a major facelift, but I don’t even know where to start so that will be a project that I will tackle a little later in the year. I wasn’t sure what to wear as my first polish of 2015, so I just grabbed one of the bottles that I recently acquired: SpaRitual Oasis. Let me show you how pretty this polish is.


I recently found most of the SpaRitual Wander Collection at my Ulta for $3 each. What a deal, right? The polishes in this collection are supposed to dry to a satin finish, but this one did not dry down to that finish and looked uneven I ended up top coating it to get an even glossy finish, and I was not disappointed.


And just because it’s been so freaking cold here in SoCal, I decided to use KBShimmer Flake Dance (press sample) to make this whole mani kind of icy and sparkling. I love this glitter and I love how easy it is to use to take your manicure to another level.

So how has the first day of the new year been treating you? What are you hoping to work on for the coming year, if anything? Well, I hope that you had a safe and fun NYE. Thank you very much for continuing to visit my little corner of the internet and I hope to get to meet more of you this year. Have a great rest of your day!

11 thoughts on “SpaRitual Oasis & Happy New Year!

  1. Those are both really lovely polishes!

    In terms for renewed intention toward a healthier, happier life – that’s great! Years ago I received some advice on an appropriate relationship with food; it took a while to sink in, but has helped a lot. Think about food as a source for sustenance, with the purpose of relieving hunger and giving you energy to live. It is something we need, but really need only in much smaller quantities than many of us in parts of the world could and do consume. When you eat, consider getting healthy vegetables, proteins, fruits, and whole grains, but only in small quantities as needed to take away the feeling of hunger. Eat slowly, and recognize when that feeling is gone; then stop eating. If there is more on your plate, put it away for another meal when it is needed. It’s fine to enjoy the food as you eat it, but considering eating for the purpose of nourishing your body helps to reduce the ideas of using food for comfort, entertainment, or ‘just because’. Try to be critical about the advertisements for food when you see them, so you can avoid the temptation to wander into the kitchen for another unneeded snack. When you’re hungry, recognize that; or better, schedule small regular meals throughout the day, so you don’t binge on food after not eating at an appropriate time. We’re not perfect, and have the temptations of cheaply available abundant unhealthy options, and a lot of pro-excess-food messaging in addition to our natural instinct to eat to store for leaner times; so being forgiving of yourself is also valuable. I think a change in how to think about food can help though, and I hope you find it helpful!

  2. agree on the NY resolutions. Better to make overall goals that feel within reach than specific, inflexible resolutions likely to fail. my goal is take care of myself as well as i take care of my kids. or my nails. which means looking for healthy choices I enjoy, stop putting off doc and dentist visits, reward myself with sleep etc. I am too old to put stress on myself with unrealistic goals, and self acceptance(esp with my body) is a gift to myself and my daughter, who is entering puberty. OK- the nail polish- what a breathtaking swatch! I need to run to ulta to see if I can find anything good on clearance. wow. I loved this entire collection but put off by the price. I usually wait until it arrives at Marshalls. this polish is so glowy! right in my wheelhouse. and I could love it in the matte satin finish, too.

  3. I can’t even express with words how much I love your mani. Especially with Flake Dance. Its so beautiful and whimsical…gah…love it.

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