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Don’t you just love the days when you don’t have to go to work? Actually, I take that back because I am not at work today because I am sick. It all started with some congestion and now I have a cough, runny nose and post nasal drip–lovely! I think I was running a fever last night because I woke up drenched in sweat–even more lovely. Since I’m spending the afternoon in bed, I figured I might as well do something productive like write up this post! Today I am going to be talking about Seche Vite. Ahhh, Seche Vite; you are my first and only love. One of the questions that I get most often is what kind of top coat I use to get such a glossy finish on my manicures. I can tell you that 99% of the time I use Seche Vite because there is nothing that works better for me. I’ve tried so many different top coats in my last 3 years of blogging, but I keep coming back to Seche Vite every single time. And what better way to showcase my favorite top coat than to pair it with a beautiful polish from the Seche nail polish line? The beauty I have for you today is Seche Rendezvous.

Seche Rendezvous

Seche Rendezvous 1Seche Rendezvous 2Seche Rendezvous is a gorgeous magenta cream that is quite opaque. I applied two coats of polish for my swatches above. One thing I have noticed about Seche polish in general is that it tends to set a little quicker than what I’m used to so it’s very easy to overwork it. If you’re not super quick with your application, you can definitely cause an uneven mess. The good thing is that if you do get some unevenness, you can slap on a coat of Seche Vite and it will fix your mani right up!

I know that not everyone is like me in that I live near some really awesome beauty supply stores where I can basically get EVERYTHING under the stars, so you’ll be glad to hear that the Seche line is easily accessible at Live Love Polish. I have a difficult time finding Seche polishes in retail store near me, so I’ve only had the chance to try out a few colors in the past. Just like the famous top coat, I find the Seche nail lacquer line to be good quality and very durable.

As far as the top coat goes, I know that there are a few complaints out there, and it wouldn’t be fair to ignore those points:

  • It shrinks your polish
  • It smells and is not 3-free
  • It gets mega goopy halfway through the bottle

What am I missing? I think those are the three complaints that I tend to hear most often. I am of the mindset that not every product is going to work perfectly for every single person out there. I have had very minor issues with shrinkage (insert Seinfeld joke here). I tend to flood my nail with Seche Vite which encapsulates the polish, and I can honestly tell you that I rarely have shrinkage. As for the smell, maybe I’m weird cause I like the smell–or maybe it’s cause it gets me kinda polish high…who knows?! I do know that many people will not use products that are not big 3-free, but I have nothing for you on that because it’s a personal decision. Lastly, and probably the biggest complaint, is the goop factor. The first time that you open a bottle of Seche Vite, it’s this perfect consistency that glides over your nails with the greatest of ease, it’s the daring young man on the flying trapeze…eehh…see how easy it is to distract me when I’m sick? So anyway, halfway through the bottle you will notice that your once flowing Seche Vite is he consistency of lava which doesn’t lend itself to flawless application. Well, at that point I bust out my partner in crime, Seche Restore, and add a few drops to thin it back to a manageable consistency. Voila! Problem solved. I know that we all have our favorite top coats, but it just happens that Seche Vite is mine. I haven’t found anything that dries faster, harder and stronger. (Is that you, Daft Punk?)

So what do you think of Seche Rendezvous? Is it your kind of color? What is your favorite top coat? I’d be very interested to hear all about your top coat tribulations because as we all know, your mani is only as good as your top coat. Don’t forget to check out Live Love Polish where you can purchase these products and many more. Thanks so much for stopping by today, and I will talk to you soon!

11 thoughts on “Seche & Live Love Polish Review

  1. I use seche vite too. Especially when I am using vinyls,otherwise I get streaks. And I love seche restore! I use it with all my nail polishes too!

    Feel better soon!

  2. I also love Seche vite as my go to top coat, I also use the seche base coat. I have yet to try the polish line as I find it impossible to find near me, but I am always on the hunt. Thanks for the heads up of where to get them. Hope you feel better soon!

  3. Seche Vite is my go to fast dry top coat. I have used others but always come back to it. Nothing else really compares to the finish and durability. I have never gotten to try any colors though as our stores only carry the top and base. That is a beautiful color. It makes me think of a hibiscus. I miss spring/summer’s colors already…

    1. I usually love the fall collections the most but I think that this past year I really fell hard for the summer ones. My favorite was probably the Brazil Collection. I really hope that Seche expands more, but at least we know we can get them online if we really want them. I don’t think I’ll ever find anything better than Seche.

  4. I can’t say anything against Seche since I’ve never tried it. I was going to buy some, but was a little tight on funds and ran across Out the Door which was something like 1-2 dollars cheaper. I’ve been using that for two years and it seems to be perfect for me. It also has a nice glossy shine, dries super fast and also has the drawbacks of shrinkage (after 4-5 days) and getting gloopy halfway through.

  5. The pink is stunning.
    As for Seche Vite, Amy gave me a mini bottle and I’m obsessed. Hunting down to buy a bottle of that and Restore. I hate that you kind of have to buy both BUT you can Restore with any polish so it’s alright.
    I’ve had shrinkage but I think it is because I’m using as little as possible because I have a mini LOL
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