Preview: Jessica Cosmetics Glamarama Holiday Collection 2012

You all know how much I love Jessica Cosmetics nail polishes. I mean, really love. When I got these promo pictures, I literally jumped right on here to share them with you. I had seen some images floating around and I was really interested in seeing more pictures. Check them out:


It looks that this 6 piece collection has 4 reds in it. 4!!!!! I am a fan of red polish, but I wonder if these will all be different enough for me. Still, I can’t wait to see these in person. It seems that the majority of brands have put out their holiday collections already so let’s get the ball rolling on these.

What are some of your favorite holiday polish colors?

14 thoughts on “Preview: Jessica Cosmetics Glamarama Holiday Collection 2012

    1. ooooh! I had to google just be claus and it looks pretty. Lately I have been really digging all those milky looking polishes. Have you purchased a lot from her? How are her polishes?

  1. The red shades do look interesting. I haven’t found anywhere that sells Jessica polish lately. The last time was at Ulta a few years ago. Where do you get it?

    1. I usually purchase mine at independent beauty supply places. I have a lot of those near me so I have access to tons of different brands. I haven’t seen Jessica in big mainstream places like Ulta. Once in a while I see some older sets at places like Tj Maxx or Marshalls but that’s about it. I am the kind of person that likes to see polish in person before buying, but I know a lot of people buy them online.

  2. Why does every holiday collection seriously have like 2/3 of the collection as red polish?! You know what color I like for holidays? Not red! Haha. Now, I know I just said that but I could use a nice deep dark red. I think so far my favorite color is that orly angel eyes. It’s just such a pretty blue. 🙂
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    1. Hahaha! “Not red!” LMAO!!! But really, I don’t think we will ever stop seeing red in holiday collections because red is just…festive! I guess that when you are polish hoarder like us, you already have a lot of versions of every single color. Angel Eyes is a pretty color that did not strike me as a holiday color but strangely it fits! It was really weird how early that collection came out, though…like in July! lol

    1. Oh, you and your neutrals!! I’m thinking that they are probably somewhat different shades of red with very different finishes so maybe it won’t be completely red overload. How can you even avoid red during the holidays?

  3. Love this!!! I normally buy my Jessisca from Sixtie Nails ~the also have a ebay, $3.95/btl. Can wait to see swatches!

    1. Thank’s for the shop recommendation! I haven’t had to purchase online since I always get them at my beauty supply places but I know other people will be psyched for a place that sells them at such a good price.

    1. hehe…it does look pretty, doesn’t it? One of the places where I buy my nail polishes lets me take home the actual displays once they are done using them. I was all excited about that until I realized I have no place to put anything anymore so I had to get rid of them. I can’t wait to see these colors in person.

  4. I am interested to see more, too, particuarly a closer look at the two “not reds.” I like red, but feel like it’s so done to death, particuarly in these holiday collections.

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