31 Inspired Days of Nail Art – Day 17: Striped Nails

Ahhh…election day is here! I’m not one to lecture people so I won’t get all soapbox-y on everyone. For me, voting is a privilege, a right and a responsibility. There are so many people in other areas of the world who are not allowed to vote so I’m not about to piss on election day. I don’t care about your politics–just make your voice count. To think that less than 100 years ago, women were not allowed to vote makes me wonder why so many women don’t vote.

Anyway, enough politics talk. Today is day 17 of our 31 day challenge so we are a little over half-way through. I think that the fact that we have spaced it out has made it seem like it is just draaaaaaaaaaaaaging, but at the same time I like the fact that I have a few days in between to do other things. The challenge calls for striped nails today and as usual, I had no idea what to do. I took out my Nubar Jeans trio and told myself I had to use these three for whatever look I settled on. In case you’re not familiar with Nubar, this is the trio I am talking about:

Nubar Blue Jeans

Faded Jeans – Boyfriend Jeans – Dark Wash Jeans

This trio is supposed to be a dupe for the Les Jeans de Chanel Collection, but I don’t know how similar they are since I don’t own any Chanel. I’ve seen a few swatches and they do seem to be pretty similar, but I can’t assert that they are 100% dupes. I started out with a full manicure of Faded Jeans.

Nubar Faded Jeans Swatch          Nubar Faded Jeans Swatch

This polish is pretty, but I found the application kind of weird. It was opaque at two coats but when I looked closely, it had some streaky bald patches so I had to apply a third coat. Luckily, the other two polishes did not have this problem.

I then left a little area at the bottom and polished the rest of my nail with Boyfriend Jeans and let that dry a bit. I then left another small strip of the Boyfriend Jeans color and polished the rest of my nail with Dark Wash Jeans. Don’t worry if the lines look a little crooked because the stripping tape will make it all look neat. (Can you tell I’m not good at tutorials? hahaha)

Nubar Jeans Collection          Nubar Jeans Collection

So there is the finished look. What do you think? I had a hard time photographing these colors because my skin would turn so red in the pics. I tried to color correct as much as I could without affecting the polish colors, but since I am a big edit fail, it didn’t turn out so well. My hands are in a terrible state right now because I decided that I didn’t need no stinkin’ gloves to clean with bleach. Yeah…moron.

Don’t forget to check out the other striped manis for today’s challenge. Talk to you soon.

11 thoughts on “31 Inspired Days of Nail Art – Day 17: Striped Nails

    1. Thank you!! I knew those colors wouldn’t let me down…they just go so well together. It’s funny that the simple things actually take such a long time. I don’t know why it took me so long to do these nails. I was probably just paying more attention to the tv instead of focusing on finishing this up. haha.

  1. Those look so good! Love the color combo with the flashes of the metallic strips. I had no idea that striping tape could be used as part of an actual design, I thought it was just to make straight lines & patterns before being removed. I’ve never used it before. Is it the top coat that keeps it stuck to the nail?

    1. Hi Alyson! Thank you so much. I actually didn’t put a top coat on this but normally you should if you want the tape to stay. I’ve washed my hands a few times and the tape has stayed put, but it won’t for over a day. The striping tape is sticky enough that it will stay for a bit on its own.

  2. i liked these nails. this is a simple manicure that anyone could take to work.

    regarding the vote, because of course i have a love and hate relationship with politics, i totally agree with you.
    elections here are different, every single vote count, so people really needs to vote, other way, then a president no one really likes would win.

    last time, i “eliminated” my vote on purpose, i wrote on the paper: I DON’T LIKE ANY OF THEM, WHERE’S MY BLANK OPTION?
    All my friends did the same. I opened a facebook group about it and had like 5k people agreeing on writing the same thing, just to see if we get a “Blank” option for 2014 vote paper.
    Well, I do not like the president we have, he’s a crazy person.. even his campaign were crazy. he started playing dirty, taking out secrets of other politicians, and when he couldn’t find anything, he started telling they were old (that one was true, one of them died like 1 year ago, including the VP he had.. all of them were old, i’m glad they didn’t win). So, one of the other candidates, tired of him, told everyone he was bipolar and crazy and that he had to be on meds (it’s ok, everyone has the right to be under treatment) so, do you know what he did? he turn around this into something “good” his campaign were: los locos somos más, i can’t even translate it properly. Shame on my country that chose a person that based his campaign on being crazy, now that all the craziness is out, people hate him.. every 3-4 months we have strikes, people die in the riots, others go crazy ans steal stuff from stores (saqueos).. well. that’s why people NEED to vote, so everyone has a voice. whatever it is, more than a right it is part of your duty as citizen of your country.
    mariaemmafaria recently posted..Sparkly DegradéMy Profile

    1. Wow, that is really crazy!! As much as we complain about our government and the voting and everything, I think we have it good here. I really take voting very seriously and wish everyone would too.

  3. I love how this came out! I’m not a huge Nubar fan (I thought it was supposed to be a great brand, so I got some, and all of them are like, EH), but they really did well for you in this mani!

    1. That’s so weird because I’ve always had really great experiences with their polishes. They have some really gorgeous fine glitters that are to die for. Maybe one of these days you will give them another chance. *not a paid spokesperson*

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