Sephora + Pantone Universe Jewel Lacquer In Reflecting Pond

Ok, so my pictures turned out like crap today. Well, crappier than usual, that is. I was rushing and I didn’t review my pictures of the base polish before stamping over it so I got stuck with ugly pics. Then I did the same after I stamped and didn’t check out my pictures. So there you have it: lack of planning = craptastic pictures. Boo. I don’t know what possessed me to pull out this polish today since it is 90 degrees outside, and I’ve been letting the temperature guide my polish choices.  I got this polish along with Parachute purple a couple of months ago but hadn’t gotten a chance to try it. Sephora + Pantone Universe Jewel Lacquer In Reflecting Pond is a very pretty jewel toned green. This reminds me of Pixi Evening Emerald, Essie Dive Bar, etc… Just like Essie Dive Bar, Reflecting Pond has a very promising pink/purple flash in the bottle that completely disappears on the nail. So disappointing!

Sephora + Pantone Universe Jewel Lacquer Reflecting Pond Swatch

I am only posting one picture because all the other ones were beyond bad. This one is pretty bad too but it’s the best of the ugly bunch.

Pantone Universe Jewel Lacquer Reflecting Pond Essie Good as Gold BM 322

Same goes for this picture. I used Bundle Monster plate 322 and Essie Good As Gold for this houndstooth design. Normally I loooove anything houndstooth but I am just not feeling this manicure today. Ugh…maybe it’s just my crappy mood today.

Last night I went to dinner with one of my best friends and we seriously piled out. We went to a seafood restaurant where you basically order shrimp, crab, clams and various other delectable crustaceans by the pound. You choose a seasoning (lemon pepper, Cajun, etc) and a level of spiciness and they then bring out a plastic bag full of your seafood selections boiled in your seasoning of choice. Your only utensils are your fingers, paper towels and your plastic bib. hahaha Behold the shrimp massacre!


Did you get a load of my fingers after our meal? Whoa. Let me tell you, I am still feeling the aftermath of this feast. I feel like garlic is seeping through my pores. Ugh…I don’t know if I’ll be back soon despite how yummy the meal was.

So how was your weekend? Did you do anything fun? I can’t wait for election day! I take voting very seriously so I’ll be up super early to cast my ballot!

19 thoughts on “Sephora + Pantone Universe Jewel Lacquer In Reflecting Pond

  1. last night’s dinner sounds like a huge delicious mess! I too take voting seriously, it is a right to be held with such proud and esteem honor, to cast your ballot and have your VOTE count! I will be voting unlike many others who appear to be embarrassed, decline or refuse to say whom they will be voting for or if they will indeed vote at all. Thanks so much for highlighting such a very important citizen responsibility.

    1. Yes, it is an honor! 🙂 I remember that it was one of the things I was most looking forward to once I turned 18. I am not the kind of person that will badger others to vote or give them lectures but I will say that if you don’t vote, you don’t have a right to complain about how our country is going. You know?

    1. Oh, you must try it now! 🙂 That is a great surprise swap. The only think is that, like Dive Bar, that purple/pink flash disappears and that is a total letdown.

  2. Oooh, I’ve been waiting to see this one since you posted Parachute Purple! I think the color is very pretty and I still like it, but I am not as insane about them as when I first saw them. I do like the stamping, too.
    Oh, God…garlic makes me VIOLENTLY ILL (I am a bad Italian), so I can’t even think about the “garlic seeping out of your pores” phenomenon…that alone makes me nauseous! Glad you had fun, though! 😉
    This weekend was pretty good! Saturday I just did some errands, went to the gym, etc., but had some time to catch up on trashy tv and ready trashy magazines, too, haha. Sunday I went to a friend of a friend’s house who is a hairstylist who is trying to get more photos of her work, so we got our hair did & ate & drank & had a good time. My friend and I decided to go to dinner afterward and OMG, did we PIG the EFF out, too! We went to this fondue place because I wanted to go and it was super-pricey and we were there for HOURS, but it was ridiculously delicious and we had a great time. I went to bed way too late, yet it put me in a good mood for today. 😉 I am rarely in a good mood, so I’m trying to ride the wave. 😉

    1. Haha! I was just telling Nicole “Where’s Lesley? She’s MIA.” I’m glad to hear you had a great weekend. Ok, how can garlic make you ill…isn’t that like mother’s milk to you Italians? 😛 hehehe I generally don’t like garlic that much…I will barf if I get a huge chunk in my food, but this place is like garlic on crack. A whole day later, I still stink like garlic and I can’t get it off me. It’s making me even feel nauseated. 🙁 Ahhh…I have not had good fondue in eons…now you’re making me want some.

      About this polish…yeah, I also lost my enthusiasm for it. I do think Parachute Purple is the best one out of this collaboration.

      1. Yeah, I had some stuff going on with my mom that was taking up a lot of time. Everything’s fine, it was just kind of a shit show with the facility’s administration for the past four days.
        I think the garlic aversion must come from my mom’s (the non-Italian) side, haha. It DESTROYS my stomach.
        I’ve never had fondue, so I think that was part of why it was so enjoyable, too. Plus, I mean, cheese and chocolate…the two main food groups, haha.
        I agree that Parachute Purple is kind of the standout because the duochrome actually appears on the nail!

        1. Cheese and chocolate ARE the two main food groups. I knew we’d find more things we have in common. haha! Well, I’m sorry there were issues with the facility peeps. I’m sure it must have been frustrating and stressful but I’m glad things are ok. We probably sounded creepy like: OMG Lesley hasn’t checked in in 1 day 5 hours and 30 seconds. WHERE IS SHE????

    1. There is something about the pics that I hate but thank you for being nice. hehe. I think it’s the lighting that made it look weird. Oh well. Tomorrow is another day and another chance to create a disasticure. ha! Oh yes, the food was a mess. I had shrimp juice splattered on my glasses…no joke. If we hadn’t been wearing those plastic bibs, it would have been a real seafood disaster.

  3. I seriously eyeballed this polish when I bought Parachute Purple but put it back several times because I couldn’t get over how similar it was to Dive Bar… or any other blackened teal “duochrome-that-isn’t-really-a-duochrome.” And you know I love me some teal polish, so, sorry to hear this isn’t a winner for you either. I do like your gold stamping though, gold wouldn’t have been my first choice so I’m glad it was yours and I could see the color combo. Its pretty.

    Ahhh, boiled bag of shrimpy goodness! They have a place like this in China/Korea town called Hot & Juicy Crawfish. I love it, but I can’t handle eating messy stuff with my fingers. I hate getting all those spices and juices under my nails. It feels terrible and drives me nuts.
    Jessica recently posted..Merry Samhain! …with Cirque All Hallow’s Eve CollectionMy Profile

    1. This was the second time I’ve eaten at this place and for some reason, the first time did not seem so bad. I seriously STILL smell like garlic. My hands still smell like those cajun spices. lol And my stomach is still not happy about it which is probably why I haven’t eaten a real meal since breakfast. So now I’m absolutely starving, and I want the worst possible food. I am a huge seafood fan and love crawfish but I just don’t think I can do this again. I think I probably just ate way too much and it made me sick. Oh well, that’s what I get for being a pile.

      And you are sooooo right about this polish. The teal always lures us in and then BAM–big disappointment.

    1. I love seafood too but that was probably the most garlic I have ever eaten in my life! Almost a week later and I still feel like I smell like garlic. It’s probably just in my head but garlic is just crazy strong. lol

        1. You know, my blog just took a dump on everything once I changed hosts. Technically, I’m still supposed to be able to see wordpress notifications but they only work when they feel like it which means NEVER.

          1. oh well 🙁 I will just have to keep checking back lol I just did a slew of comments on your blog to catch up! lol I missed so much lately, I am so behind ever since just before Halloween I had like over 300 emails and I am back up to it, such a slacker.. ugh
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            1. I am a slacker too because my blog is just messed up when it comes to notifications so it becomes harder to keep up to date too so I totally get you!

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