Precision Shine, Wine N Dine

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Hello there and happy Thursday. Normally I would be all excited that it’s Thursday because one of my favorite shows, Scandal, is on tonight but since I have to go to bed so early, I won’t get to watch it until tomorrow. Double poop. Anyway, at least there will be one good thing to look forward to tomorrow. I’m really excited about the polish I’m featuring today because it’s just so dang pretty. I actually got this polish the day that stupid dog bit me–and from the shop where the dog bit me. I’m not going to let that experience taint my love for this outrageously gorgeous baby. Are you ready to see Précision Shine, Wine N Dine?

Précision Shine, Wine N Dine

Précision Shine, Wine N Dine

Précision Shine, Wine N Dine

Précision Shine, Wine N Dine

I decided to post four pictures of Précision Shine, Wine N Dine: the first two in artificial light and the second set out in direct sunlight. It’s not always possible for me to take picture in direct sunlight so I’ve been relying on my light box ever since I started working. Précision Shine, Wine N Dine is a gorgeous pink based red polish with very fine and delicate holographic particles suspended throughout the squishy jelly base. Being a jelly, it’s rather sheer so you do need 3 or more coats for complete coverage. I think that the fine holo particles really kick this polish up a notch.

Pure Ice Silver Mercedes Winstonia W113

Pure Ice Silver Mercedes Winstonia W113

Pure Ice Silver Mercedes Winstonia W113

Pure Ice Silver Mercedes Winstonia W113

Since I just received my Winstonia Store stamping plates, I was dying to try them out. Here I used Pure Ice Silver Mercedes to stamp an image from plate W113. If you’re ever looking for a perfect silver stamping polish, you have to get Silver Mercedes because it’s just perfection. Look how clear it transfers! I was also worried that the full nail images might be too small for my wide and curved nails, but the size was perfect on this image. I can’t wait to try it more of the designs and hope to have a full review of the plates for you in the near future.

Holy shiznit, that was a fun mani! I haven’t been doing much stamping lately just because I haven’t had much time, but there is also a more tragic reason: I think I may have thrown away all my stamping plates by mistake. I am hoping that maybe I put them in a box in my closet the last time I was trying to get everything organized, but I also remember that I threw out tons of stuff so I really hope I didn’t through out my stamping plates. I think I had about 100 plates altogether so that makes me want to cry. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

I bought an extra bottle of this gorgeous polish for a future giveaway. In fact, I’m hoping to reach 1,500 likes on Facebook so I can have a super fun giveaway so spread the word! I’m way behind on responding to comments lately, but I promise to get to them soon. Thanks so much for the visit today and talk to you soon!

12 thoughts on “Precision Shine, Wine N Dine

  1. Shine, wine n dine is a gorgeous color. Very sophisticated, if that makes any sense.
    Glad you’re stamping again I’ve missed your creations.

  2. Oh, I meant to say in a prior post that I like the four photos, but don’t think it would be a big deal if you changed it to two.
    I like the delicate holo in this color and I like the honeycomb stamp design.
    WHAT?!?! I am crying very tragic tears for you. I hope that your plates show up! Otherwise, we’ll have to begin a donation fund so that you can get new ones. Or, I should just give you mine, since I never use them, hahaha. I don’t have 100, though…maybe, like, 10!

  3. Oh no!!! You think you threw em out?? I hope not! That would make me cry, too! I love this polish tho!! The color and those little holographic bits are just so pretty!! It’s like the DS extravagance and the Orly dupe only like more delicate. Love it. And the stamping is of course perfect and I like that design. I’ll have to look into those plates!
    Nicole recently posted..Yellow and Grey Boxy NailsMy Profile

  4. I just got one of those “Nail Express” things to try out stamping, and I’m afraid I don’t know how to get it on my nail just the right way.

    I love these colours though and hope you can find your stamping plates.
    Debbie Spence recently posted..iRazoo CodeMy Profile

  5. That almost looks Zoya Blaze with the little holo glitters in it. I love your stamping! I got Winstonia stamping set too recently and love it. That is a cute pattern. I really need to do a lot more stamping. You are an inspiration.

  6. Not sure what I love more… The red on its own because it’s GORGEOUS or the stamped mani because that’s gorgeous too! Ag both ROCK!!!
    And oh shit! Cynth, hope you find them! Maybe you just put them somewhere else? I only have 3 plates & I’d cry (literally) if I lost them so I can imagine how unimpressed you’d be if you DON’T find them!
    vonimoller recently posted..Funky Fish Scales TutorialMy Profile

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