Polish ‘M Mocha Sprinkles

Can you believe that the first week of July is pretty much gone? Can you believe that it’s July already? What the heck happened to 2016? This year is flying by and it’s starting to freak me out because apparently I haven’t done anything worthwhile this year. Boy, that sounded a little pathetic. I should correct myself and say that I haven’t taken any of the steps I said I would to improve my health. Oh, here we go again! I’m just going to stop beating myself up over it and take a moment to realize that it’s not too late. I should not look backwards instead of forward–I got this. Well, today I have a polish to share with you that I got a while back. I purchase a mystery bag from Polish ‘M a few months ago, and I got some awesome polishes to try out. The beauty I have for you today is Polish ‘M Mocha Sprinkles.

Polish 'M Mocha Sprinkles 1

Polish 'M Mocha Sprinkles 2

Polish 'M Mocha Sprinkles 3

Polish ‘M Mocha Sprinkles (over OPI My Pal Joey)

Polish 'M Mocha Sprinkles 4

Polish ‘M Mocha Sprinkles (over OPI My Pal Joey) MACRO

While some people may wear this polish on its own by sponging on the glitter until it’s fully opaque, I decided to wear it over a very vibrant blue: OPI My Pal Joey (press sample). I only applied one coat of this glitter over my base color, and I think I got some great glitter pay off.  Isn’t this a beautiful glitter topper? I’m really loving this combination, but I can’t wait to try it over other colors. What other base color do you think would work with this glitter? Well, I hope all is well with you. I haven’t gotten my hands on any new collections yet, but I’m planning to go polish shopping this weekend. Hopefully I’ll have some new Essie and China Glaze stuff to share with you…or I’ll just share other stuff that I acquired recently. I’ve been buying older polishes from destashes like there is no tomorrow. I can’t resist a good deal! Thank you so much for stopping by today, and I will talk to you soon!

5 thoughts on “Polish ‘M Mocha Sprinkles

  1. Did I miss you change your nail shape? They look fab, I cannot wear this shape so I am very jealous (and I cannot file this shape either!)

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